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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Next Best Thing....

So, what if after my last post you're all excited to attend a homeschool conference or convention, but either there isn't one coming your way anytime soon, or finances just don't allow for you to attend this year?

Well, the next best thing is the audio of the great speakers! I found Best Christian Conferences recently and was impressed! They have CD's or MP3 downloads of many of the best conferences and speakers! The prices are quite reasonable in my opinion.

Whether you homeschool or not, but are just looking for advice on Christian family living and world views let me recommend David Hazell and Voddie Baucham. You can search the site by speakers name or the conference they spoke at. Enjoy!

1 comment:

appleleaf said...

We had a series of homeschooling conferences in Australia in 2007 and I went to the one in Adelaide. JTG was one of the keynote speakers and it was great. I purchased "Dumbing us Down" and have just read the article you had a link to on your last post. Fascinating subject, for sure. We intially pulled our eldest out of school merely because he was so unhappy but little did we know back then, we still had much to learn about the system!
Thanks for this food for thought,