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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Parental Rights in Danger!

I have shared about this issue here in the past before, but I really feel we need to be very proactive in getting the word out to everybody we know.

This weekend while attending a local homeschool convention I had the opportunity to hear Mike Smith from HSLDA speak on this issue, and it is quite frightening.

Today I found this video on the same subject over a THIS blog I like to visit often.

Watch it, then forward it to everybody you know. This could affect our ability to raise our own children how we choose, whether it be about education, discipline or religion. We're not talking about abuse or other protections children already have. We're talking about simple day to day parenting decisions.

I don't understand how the government feels children, lets say age 13 or so, aren't mature enough to choose how to vote, drink alcohol, drive a car, or enlist in the military, yet they should be free to take parents to court over such issues as church attendance or schooling methods. My 17 year old needs me to sign a paper for him to have dental work done or a tattoo, but yet I can't choose how often we go or don't go to church or whether I will homeschool, or even ground my child for dangerous behavior.

I HIGHLY recommend you check out this website: Parental Rights. Learn all you can, and tell others!

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