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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

Today , me and my family were the recipients of a "pay it forward" or "random acts of kindness" moment and it totally caught us off a good way.

After church we went to the local AM/PM mini mart for our weekly indulgence of soda and candy treats and my husband and youngest son were at their turn at the register and after the lady rung up their order, they then discovered that the ATM machine was down. Not having cash, my husband was unable to complete the purchase.

As he was returning to the car I saw a man following him. The man announced that he paid for our items. My husband said he couldn't accept it, that it was just some candy and stuff, thanks anyway. About that time the gentleman's wife came out carrying our items!

We very humbly accepted them and thanked them many times. You read or hear about things, and sometimes even do them yourself, but let me tell you, being the recipient is quite a pleasant surprise! It sure can make your day!

If your ever fortunate enough to be the recipient, enjoy it and be very thankful. Even if you're not, consider doing a random act of kindness for someone else, it sure will make their day and perhaps even yours!

And to that fellow in Anza who picked up our tab, thanks again, you DID make our day!

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