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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Ultimate Challenge??

I was very excited to receive Baron Baptiste's Level Three Power Yoga in the mail from DVD Swap the other day.

It is a pretty good workout, but the name "The Ultimate Challenge" is a little misleading. I thought, level three would be harder or a level up from level two. Not necessarily.

I wouldn't say it is really any harder or more challenging than the previous level, actually about the same, but a little different. It is a modified and much shorter version of Ashtanga Yoga. While this may be a "beginners" course in Ashtanga Yoga, I am not sure I would recommend it for a brand new to yoga beginner. If you can do level 1 of this series, you will be fine in this. You will be fine if you've had any experience and are familiar with alignment and such.

What I do really like about this is it is short! 45 minutes. Before adding in cardio and circuit training recently, I used to practice Yoga 5 times a week for 1-2 hours a day. With these new workouts, I just don't have that time to commit any more and like to keep my yoga workouts under an hour, three or so days a week. This tape is perfect for that as it includes most of the basic stretches and poses and adds in some back bends and shoulder stands, rounding it out quite nicely in a short amount of time.

For those interested in a true Ashtanga Yoga I highly recommend David Swensons tapes. But this tape is just fine for those who are newer to this style of yoga or who like me are a bit short on time yet want a complete body stretch.

I didn't see this new on Amazon, but it can still be bought used or traded for at DVD Swap.

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appleleaf said...

Great tips on exercise these last few posts. I've been trying to do something similar myself. It's good to have good DVDs or Wii programmes. Easier to begin at home than force yourself to fork out money at a gym.