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Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Whole Accreditation Issue

In my last post I was pretty upset and really re-thinking how we homeschool. Not homeschooling itself, as that is just how we see best to educate our family, and after all these years I don't think that will change anytime in this lifetime. It really did leave me questioning me the whole accreditation issue though.

I personally just think accreditation isn't all it's cracked up to be. I often hear people brag that their child's school is "accredited" and I think, so what? No disrespect intended, I just never have thought accreditation is all that it is held up to be.

This whole military enlistment issue though left me wondering if perhaps I should enroll in an accredited program just to cover our bases. The thing is with most accredited programs, you have to use a prescribed curriculum. That kind of takes away one of the beauties of homeschooling, being able to cater to each child's individual needs. Or what if I wanted to study Ancient History in a year that I am suppose to teach American History? To me, as long as they get taught everything they need to be taught, what matter does it make what year I teach it in?

The good news is, at least for the military, it seems this whole accreditation issue really isn't an issue at all. I contacted HSLDA this morning(for those not familiar this is Home School Legal Defense Association, and well worth the eleven or so dollars a month we pay for it!) and they advised that the Coast Guard is most likely more concerned with the "legality" rather than the "accreditation" of our homeschool. With the proper documentation, which in our case is the last four years of our private school affidavits, a professional looking diploma and our transcripts we should be fine.

As it turns out, my son is now seriously considering college first anyway as this left him a little upset, and with those credits he will have all he needs as well. It seems a good year or two at most community colleges takes care of most of the accreditation issues for not only the military, but major universities and government jobs as well.

So, barring any of the children wanting to enter a public school after ninth grade it does not appear this whole accreditation issue is something I need to waste anymore time worrying about. I feel I have given all of my children a quality education and have no intention of changing anything at this time.

I do think good advice though is to seriously consider all of your children's possible career paths as they are preparing to enter high school, and make sure you have all of your bases covered in regards to record keeping and even the issue of to enroll in an accredited program or not. For most cases, it seems there are ways around that as I have mentioned, but best to be forewarned and prepared of any possible snags or setbacks based on those issues well before you need to be so you're not caught off guard like we were!

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