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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ab Ripper X & Kenpo X

I must start by confessing, that while I didn't find yesterdays workout(Core Synergistics) as challenging as I feared it would be, by yesterday evening I was feeling it, and by this morning I am downright sore!(in a good way of course!)

Because of this soreness I was somewhat glad the Kenpo X workout was not quite so challenging either. It started off with a very nice warm up incorporating several yoga type poses which I think yoga is by far the best way to warm up and cool down! This loosened up much of the soreness I was having and I was ready to go!

The workout itself is a little slow moving, Tae Bo it is not! Now in all fairness, I LOVE my Tae Bo and for me to compare the two just really isn't fair.

Actually, this workout would be great for someone with no martial arts background and no other experience with a martial arts cardio type workout such as Tae Bo. It moves slow and easy giving you time to learn the moves, and there is no fancy footwork or dance moves to learn, which is a big plus in my book! I even learned some new combos and blocks. I must say too, that the instructor explained the kicks a bit better than they've been explained in the Tae Bo tapes I do.

So all that said, as far as a cardio video goes, it's okay. If you're looking for true cardio with kick boxing type aspects, go out and get Tae Bo. If you're just starting out with cardio and want to try something with a little martial artsy type stuff in it, this might be for you. Also, as part of the complete P90X system, I am sure it is a nice addition.

I didn't feel tired after doing this, and still had some energy to burn, so I popped in the Ab Ripper X. Wow!! It is quite an ab workout for sure!

It is only about 16 minutes long, and you just jump right into it, with a very, very brief cool down at the end. You really work those abs hard the whole time with no resting in between. It is an intense ab workout and I had a hard time with a few of the exercises. I can almost guarantee you I will be feeling this one tomorrow! I will let you know when I post about which ever tape I choose to do(I am trying to decide between the yoga and the plyometrics)

After trying three of these workouts, I think I am getting a "feel" for the program, and have some definite likes and dislikes which I will share in another post later.

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