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Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Winner!

I just got Tae Bo Cardio Circuit 1 in the mail this weekend from DVD Swap. I gave it a try this morning, and like all the other Tae Bo tapes I've tried, this one too is a winner for sure!

It is very similar to Billy's Favorite Moves which I reviewed here last week, only this one is only 35 or so minutes verses 45 and seems to move just a little faster, with a little more emphasis on standing ab work.

Out of the two I prefer Billy's Favorite Moves, only because Billy seemed to be having a little more fun and I liked the music much better. While this one is a little more intense, I may recommend it for someone newer to Tae Bo because I really felt Billy's instruction was much better than any of the others I tried. He explained how you should be positioned or what you should be feeling if doing it correctly, and what you may be doing wrong if you're feeling it somewhere else.

Like all the other Tae Bo workouts I've reviewed, I'll give this one too, four out of five stars, even though it's not my favorite of the Tae Bo workouts.

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