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Friday, June 5, 2009

Biggest Loser Yoga

I have been wanting to try this one for a while. I considered purchasing it sight unseen, but am glad I waited for my library to get it instead.

As far as a YOGA video goes, I wouldn't give this very high ratings. As far as a workout video it gets higher marks.

This like many of the Biggest Loser workouts is divided into three levels with a warm up and cool down. I wasn't impressed with the warm up as I think there is no better way to prepare the body for Yoga than Sun Salutations, and this didn't have any.

Level One is the only level that had any resemblance of real yoga. It was very, very basic with Warrior I and Warrior II, Triangle pose, side angle bend and a few other variations. My only complaint here, other than how basic it was, which would actually be great for a very beginner wanting a introduction into yoga, was how much Bob talked, and talked, and talked. I must say he is the first male instructor that has ever irritated me with the amount of unnecessary talking. Yoga is suppose to be quiet, reflective and meditative, none of which could be attained with his non-stop talking.

The music too, while not a huge issue, could have been better. I prefer Asian flutes or Indian music, and this was more space age sound effects.

Levels Two and Three had very little resemblance to Yoga. He even says in Level Two that this is "Yoga-Pilate's Ab Work." It is a good ab workout without any crunches, but other than plank I've never seen any of these moves in any Yoga class or DVD I've ever done, and I've done alot of both!

Level Three was an attempt at Yoga with weights, which to me is a contradiction to begin with. Again, Yoga is about quieting the mind, focus, and stretch, NOT bodybuilding. But it was indeed a fairly good workout none the less!

My thoughts are that if you're looking for a good basic Yoga program, look elsewhere. If you search my "Fitness" label you will find many recommendations for such a program. If you're looking for a good strength training or toning workout, this fits the bill nicely. When I have a chance to pick this up free through DVD Swap or elsewhere I will do just that. I think there are better such workouts that I'd rather spend my husbands hard earned cash on, but I wouldn't mind having this in my collection for a little variety if I could get it free by trading.

This got glowing reviews on Amazon, I believe four to four and a half stars. Basing it on the fact it is calling itself a "yoga" DVD I'd give it two stars. As far as just being a good workout tape, I'd give it three, to maybe three and a half.

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