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Monday, June 8, 2009

Fast, Frugal Fix!!

I've noticed the past few days while washing my face that by the time I'm done the sink is full and was taking an awful long time to drain. No worries! I remembered a quick fix. No need for harsh and quite expensive chemicals like drain cleaners, no need for a trip to the hardware store, I only needed to open my pantry.

One cup of baking soda followed by an ample amount of vinegar and in a few minutes, my drain is running just fine!

I just let the vinegar and baking soda sit for a few minutes(it will fizz ALOT!) then run some hot water. I swear this works just as well as expensive yucky drain cleaners.

This same mixture is great poured in your toilet as well, it will fizz up and you can brush as usual and when you flush, the bowl is sparkling white!

There are so many great uses for both of these common household items it's unbelievable! Vinegar is a great de-greaser to use on your stove top and also cuts soap scum in your shower.

I like to fill up my Downey ball with some vinegar while washing clothes, and it makes a great fabric softener!(I also add some lavender essential oil for a nice scent!)

With just these two items, you will find you don't need to buy any cleaners at the store any longer. You can mix up a bottle of one or both of these for just about any household need! A Google search will give you lots of ideas! Happy house cleaning!

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