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Monday, June 29, 2009

Officially Starting...

My husband installed my pull up bar, and I am ready to start P90X for real, starting today. Maybe later I will get brave and post a "before" pic and my stats such as weight and measurements to have a comparison at the end of the 90 days.

I am making only a few slight changes to the prescribed plan. Mostly adding in more cardio.

As prescribed P90X Phase One would look like this:

Day 1: Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X

Day 2: Plyometrics

Day 3: Shoulders & Arms, Ab RipperX

Day 4: Yoga X

Day 5: Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

Day 6: Kenpo X

Day 7: Rest or X Stretch

What I will be doing:

  • Day 1: Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X, Tae Bo Cardio Circut 1
  • Day 2: Plyometrics, Yoga
  • Day 3: Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper X
  • Day 4: Yoga(my own), Tae Bo;Billys Favorite Moves
  • Day 5: Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X
  • Day 6: Ultimate Tae Bo
  • Day 7: Rest

I already did today's workout and am feeling it! Due to currently struggling with pull-ups, I am using the bands while I work my way up to them. After the first 6 push ups the rest are done on my knees. I hope to make big improvements in both these by the end of Phase 1. has a great online community(both a paid and unpaid membership, I signed up for the unpaid) where you can keep track of your workouts, progress, and chat on message boards and such. If any of you sign up there and want a workout buddy, you can find me as SamuraiMom.

I've been a bit annoyed how in each workout the instructor really pushes the supplements, especially the Recovery Drink, but after researching it a bit, and experiencing some of the soreness I am, I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. I will let you know what I think once it gets here(thanks to living in a rural area it will be a couple of weeks)

Check back later for stats and (maybe) pics!

1 comment:

appleleaf said...

Wow, your dedication is so great! I hope you will have some pics.