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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

P90X Core Synergistics

Someone from my husbands work was kind enough to lend out her P90X DVD's. I watched all of these yesterday and was quite impressed! It reminds me very much of my youth and bodybuilding days(it's been a long, long time!) Training different body parts of different days, and adding in some cardio, yoga and much variety.

I found a great website yesterday where the training schedule for the complete set was posted as well as the P90X fitness log. I suggest anyone interested in fitness check out her blog as she has reviews and information on several programs and downloads of many fitness guides as well as interesting links.

To do the whole P90X program you really need a few basic items; a chin up bar, mat, some weights or bands and maybe push up bars. I am lacking in the chin up bar, which from what I can tell is just about the most important item! Until I acquire one(which I hope is soon) I will be trying the cardio, Kenpo, Yoga, Plyometrics and Core Synergistics and reviewing them here.

Today I did the Core Synergistics. It was fun, and a challenge! This is not a tape for a couch potato to start off with! I have been working out for the past several months doing Tae Bo and the Jillian Michaels tapes and was able to do this, yet still feel challenged in parts.

This tape combined several exercises that combined different moves working several different body parts at once. Many of them I've done either in Yoga, or doing the Jillian Michaels or Biggest Loser tapes, but this workout took it up a notch(or two!)

There are alot of oldies but goodies like push ups, but even those, they have reinvented making them much more challenging and fun! Push ups are my big weakness, mostly due to an old should injury that acts up still, but I was able to do many of these, and the ones I had a hard time with I just went to my knees after the first four or five. There were a few exercises using weights(always my favorite!) as well as some yoga type poses with a twist(bow to banana and superman to boat) even after practicing Yoga for years, some of these were a little hard for me.

Overall the workout was fun, challenging, yet completely doable for someone who isn't trying to start straight from being a couch potato. I heard how "hard core" these were and was afraid it would be too much for me, but it wasn't. These workouts are far the most "guy" friendly I've seen on tape, much more so than even Tae Bo which till now had been the most guy friendly I've tried, and even those are still obviously geared more towards us gals.

I definitely see how this series can whip you into shape. It isn't any secret, magic formula, it's plain old hard work and effort. This isn't a get thin overnight gimmick or magic pill, it is plain hard work, and if you're willing to do it, it will work for you.

My husband shared how impressed he was with the gal that lent these to us, and her weight loss transformation. A real person, not a paid info-mercial celebrity. So clearly this works if you do..

I will be back each day Thursday-Saturday reviewing the other tapes I can do for now, and hopefully by after the weekend I will have that chin up bar and can start the program in the order it is meant to be done, and will review accordingly and update with progress. I am not looking to drop weight at this point, mostly get toned and add a little muscle size.

You can purchase these at Beach Body.

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katie said...

I love core syn.

I'm on week 4 of insanity. I add in p90x too!