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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ultimate Tae Bo

I Picked up the Ultimate Tae Bo from my library this week, and just now got around to trying it. I've been wanting to try it all week, but at an hour and a half long, I chose to wait until today when I had no other workout planned.

At first I wasn't too sure as it moved alot slower than some of the other Tae Bo workouts I've done. The moves were all quite familiar with some new to me ones as well, but it was just slow. I figured this was so you can maintain the stamina you would need to complete an hour and a half verses the usual forty-five minutes or so.

The second forty-five minutes though seemed to really pick up! I don't know if it really picked up or if I was just getting tired by that point, but by this time I was really feeling worked out!

Mid-way through there were some more of the silly "free-style" dance segments, but instead of being annoyed this time, I had fun! It was a nice break in between the harder stuff. Billy Blanks personality and motivation are great as well, I really like him as an instructor.

This workout is not meant to be done daily. He says several times on the DVD that they only do it once a week at the studio, and we should only do it when we are wanting to test ourselves. I plan on buying this and doing it on Saturdays when I don't have strength training or Yoga to worry about after.

I think an advanced beginner could do the first half of this, and work their way up. I am not sure I would advise a very beginner to start on this one!

It's a good workout, the music is fitting, his cues do seem to be a bit off sometimes though. He's saying go forward while moving to the side and vice-versa. Also either watch him or listen but don't try both, as when he says left, he means his left, which wont be yours, and it can throw you off until you get used to it. Unfortunately, this is an issue in all of his videos I've tried.

In this one, like "Billy's Favorite Moves", he does a much better job of cuing over all, and takes the time to show the moves and let you try them in slow motion before speeding it up. This is great for those who like me are incredibly uncoordinated.

Overall I am enjoying all of the Tae Bo videos I've been trying and have ended up ordering a few for myself. My husband is even working out with me on Saturdays now and his every other Friday that he takes off. These workouts are guy friendly just as much as girl, and husbands and wives can enjoy doing these together.

I think anyone who enjoys martial arts or has taken classes and for whatever reason can no longer do so, will enjoy these. They remind my husband and myself very much of our martial arts warm up drills. The one time I've never had to worry about my weight(other than keeping it on!) was while doing martial arts, so I am hoping I will have the same sort of results with these workouts as they are similar in nature, not only the moves, but the fast pace, then slower, and fast again.

I give this particular workout DVD four out of five stars and will be definitely adding it to my collection soon!

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Karen (KayKay) said...

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your reviews of work-out videos. I've been exercising - mostly walking with a bit of running thrown in - but I'm ready to add some variety.