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Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Warning and Some Changes

I am sure you like me have heard of all the warnings about sharing personal information on the web. I thought I had been being relatively cautious, and really thought I didn't have much to worry about and certainly those warnings didn't apply to me. WRONG!!

Between this blog, Facebook, MySpace, and several other online social groups there is tons of personal info on me and my family, that would have been better left personal rather than public. I am a pretty open person, both in real life and on the web, so I never have tried to hide much about our lives, who we are, what we do, believe, etc.. But unfortunately, this information is to easy for anybody to access, and in my case it fell into the wrong hands.

Due to someone close to me who has been involved in illegal and immoral activities, lots of other people involved in such things use my family to try and get to this person. One of these called the other day knowing way too much about my family. Whether this person will use that in a way that could bring us danger, I don't know. But, this sadly is only one of many people who may in the future try and look us up.

I really don't know for sure how this person found all of this out, but my wise son suggested this person just googled my name, as when he did the same to make his point nearly three pages of ME popped up! Anybody with access to a computer, even a street bum with library access could get this information.

So, I have cancelled my Facebook account, am trying to cancel my Myspace, and have opted out of alot of social groups and closed blogs not here at Blogger. I have debated long and hard about whether to keep this blog going or not, as here is where alot of that information can be had.

For now, I intend on keeping it up, but will slowly over the next few days as time allows, will be going through and deleting and editing past posts to limit the amount of personal information given. I will also be going through and changing our names and use pseudo names. Most likely using my screen name SamuraiMom, making my husband SamuraiDad, and the boys from oldest to youngest SamuraiBoy 1,2,3,4....

If for some reason I can't edit my profile and account information to not include my real name, I may have to delete this blog and start fresh. I am hoping to avoid that.

Meanwhile, if you were my "friend" on any social group here on the web and find yourself de-friended by me, you weren't defriended, I've just closed all accounts.

And use this as a warning for not only you, but your children who if like many probably share a bit too much personal information on the web. I had no reason to believe I had anything to hide or would be stalked by anybody, and due to someone else, I find myself in that very situation. You never know. Just be very selective about what you share.


Karen (KayKay) said...

So sorry that happened to you. Hope it is all ok. Really something to think about.

Larry C. said...

That is exactly the reason I deleted my "My Space" page! I learned the "hard" way as well! I hope y'all are doing well!