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Friday, June 26, 2009

Yoga X

Today I was relieved to have the P90X Yoga workout to do as I am still a bit sore from Wednesday's Core Synergistics. At an hour and a half long, it was just a little long in my opinion, but it felt nice to get a good stretch.

As far as judging this as a Yoga video, it's okay. Nothing too exciting, but no real major complaints either.

The first 45 minutes were standing and balancing poses, followed by 45 minutes of floor work including a brief ab segment.

In most workout videos I really don't notice music, I can care less to be honest, but in my yoga practices I really like music, Asian Flutes or Indian music. This like another I reviewed recently was more new agey and annoyed me a little.

His instruction was okay. Anybody who has had even minimal yoga experience should be fine. For a true beginner I think there could have been a little more instruction.

He talked alot, which annoys me in any workout, but especially a yoga workout. Yoga is quiet and reflective, meditative. He couldn't stop talking long enough to allow me to get in a meditative mood. By the very end it became downright annoying, especially as he was rooting or cheering on one of the exercisers, I mean, come on, this is YOGA not football practice!

While I found it incredibly annoying, and the routine as a whole a little boring, someone who really isn't interested in Yoga, but wanting a good stretch after harder P90X days may enjoy this. If you're looking for a true meditative or reflective Yoga, check out my Yoga label for my favorite picks.

Like the Kenpo I reviewed yesterday, this make a nice addition to the full program, a necessary one at that. If you are working the whole program as laid out, DON'T skip this one or any of the others. If you're looking for a stand alone yoga tape, look elsewhere.

So far, the only DVD from this series that I can see using as a stand alone workout would be the Core Synergistics. Of course I still have many more to try, but my point is that this series is really meant to be used as a whole, and should be. I think it would be a waste of money to buy any(with the exception of the one mentioned) to use alone without the rest of the program.

So far, from what I've tried, I think this series if used as prescribed can be very effective and would recommend it. As far as breaking up the program and using parts individually, I don't think it would be money wise or wise in regards to seeing a physical benefit.

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