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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Breathing That Sigh Of Relief

I think I can finally shout VICTORY!! Last Thursday someone from the education department of the Navy called and apologized up and down for the "misunderstanding" in regards to allowing my homeschooled son to enlist. He assured us that the paperwork on his end would be completed by the end of that day, and my son was now deemed eligible and qualified.

I hesitated to post sooner though as the recruiter who was once being very friendly and helpful is now being a bit aloof and distant. He finally called last night with appointments for my son to finish some paperwork today in the recruiting station, followed by his MEPS appointment next Tuesday and Wednesday where he will take the full ASVAB, physical and swear in.

So, it seems for now the only thing that would hold my son back from seeing his dream become a reality is if he doesn't do as well on his ASVAB as he has done on the practice ones, which seems highly unlikely.

To all homeschoolers everywhere: PLEASE if your child wishes to enlist in the service and is rejected the first time, please, please, don't just walk away and take no for an answer. Contact HSLDA, and help to educate these recruiters. While I was screaming discrimination, and really felt like that is what was going on, and perhaps there was a little of that, I really do believe it was mostly ignorance on the behalf of the recruiters. This wasn't one recruiter, it was several, in several states. You will not only be doing your child a favor, but in the long run helping all homeschoolers who wish to enlist.

I also have learned about how many dropouts claim homeschooling to gain military entrance, when in fact they weren't homeschooling at all. This caused me to take a closer look at homeschool integrity, which I will share more on later, but it seems not only the public schools are doctoring grades and test scores.

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