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Friday, July 10, 2009

Homeschoolers Being Discriminated Against?

Well, the battle continues on. After talking to or visiting several recruiters from several branches in several offices, even several states, we are still coming up against a brick wall in regards to getting my son enlisted in the service!

We presented the recruiter we are working with a document written by the Department of Defense stating that homeschoolers are to be enlisted as tier one candidates and yet even after having it forwarded to their education department, they are choosing to ignore it or make excuses as to why they don't have to honor it! They are blaming being overmanned and because of that they set tighter requirements.

I understand they may be overmanned, and my son may have to go on a wait list, I am fine with that, I am not asking for special treatment, but he is to go on a wait list as a tier 1 candidate NOT a tier 2. As a tier 2 he will never get called up anytime in the near future. Why should he be a tier 2 when he passed their test with flying colors?

Today we went as far as calling several recruiting offices in our state and got the same answer every time. We even went as far as calling a office out of state! My son wants to serve his country so bad he was willing to travel several states over in hopes of finding a recruiter who is knowledgeable of homeshoolers enlisting in the military, and has of yet to find one. We have found a few who like to recruit homeschoolers, but admit they have a very hard time getting them in.

We haven't given up hope yet, we are working with HSLDA and I am confident we will get what he deserves. He worked hard to earn his diploma, it wasn't given to him, why should he be treated like a second class citizen simply because he was homeschooled? We asked the recruiter we are working with locally if there was any other reason at all that my son is being considered a tier 2 candidate versus a tier 1 other than being homeschooled and were told no. Sounds a bit like discrimination to me...

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