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Sunday, July 5, 2009

That Annoying "Accreditation" Issue....Again

Once again my son contacted a recruiter about joining the military(Navy this time) and once again this whole non-sense about "accreditation" was brought up.

I call it nonsense for a valid reason, here's why: many of my sons friends who graduated from public schools with "accredited" diplomas barely(and I do mean barely) passed the required score of 35 for enlistment. The Marine recruiting office next door(who GLADLY accepts homeschoolers by the way!) was full of young men studying for the test who had failed it the first time. I am assuming most of these were from accredited schools as well. My son, who is nothing more than a undesirable homeschooler with an unaccredited diploma signed by his mommy got more than double the required score, without much more than a glance in a study book to see what may be on the test! We are told he will most likely test even higher on the full test, and even higher if he studies.

Yet they are still concerned about this whole accreditation thing??? I don't get it? Whose diploma is more worthy or valid? Mine where my student easily passed with a decent score on the military enlistment test, or these so called accredited ones where the students are barely passing and many aren't?

My son took all the same required courses these kids did, and some extra. He is easily passing this rather simple test, that these other kids are struggling with, and yet they still are hung up on this whole accreditation thing?

They sent our papers to their education department and we are waiting for an answer back on Wednesday about whether or not they will let him enter without going to college for 15 credits first. Why should he have to go to college to prove himself when he already did that on their test? Why aren't these kids with those coveted accredited diplomas who are failing or struggling to pass the test not required to go to college first? Clearly they're the ones lacking an appropriate education!

When I found out last Tuesday night this may once again be an issue I got mad, and started panicking, thinking perhaps I should enroll all my children in an accredited program as quickly as possible to avoid this sort of thing in the future. This was before I found out how many young people were struggling with this test! When I heard that, I wondered if a substandard education is worth that stupid accreditation? I think not!

Our program and diploma may not be accredited, but who cares?(the military apparently)but I know plenty of private homeschoolers in the military, so I think it is just a matter of educating the recruiters on homeschooling and homeschooling laws in our area, which we have followed to a tee! I may have a student who struggles in math now, or one who didn't read till fourth grade, or another who while quite brilliant has a difficult time writing legibly, but I think my end result speaks for itself! And those ones who are struggling, even with those struggles, tested at 90 and 95 percent of what they would be learning for that school year the one year(for five weeks) when we did enroll in an accredited program! What a waste that year would have been!

Accreditation, who cares? If you're homeschooling or thinking about it and the whole accreditation issue worries you, don't let it. What is more important? That some agency readily accepts your diploma or the actual education being taught and learned? Me? While we may have a struggle ahead of us yet with military enlistment, I would not trade my students level of knowledge and education for anyones acceptance or approval, and that also includes the approval of doubting family members or friends!

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