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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Wow!! The recruiter just called and said that "headquarters" just called them and told them they were to re-submit my sons paperwork and it appears he may qualify after all!

Due to them being over-manned he will have to DEP and it may be anywhere from one week to one year before he goes off to boot camp, but the important thing is that he will be treated like any other high school graduate, which is all we were asking for.

I am 99.9% sure this is all a result of my conversations and letter writing with HSLDA yesterday. I didn't expect anything to happen this soon!

I really am not expecting any further difficulties but am still not breathing a sigh of relief until we get the final phone call at the end of the week telling us he DOES qualify and to make his appointment at MEPS.

This is just one small example(although quite big to us!) of the kind of work HSLDA does on the behalf of homeschoolers everywhere. Just a small reminder to consider becoming a member if you aren't already. One always hopes they will never need their services, but you never know when you will. I certainly didn't think it would be AFTER my son graduated! Your membership dues and donations go to help fund for services for others when they are needed. Well worth every penny I've ever spent these past twelve years and will continue to spend to keep my membership active for these next 14 years I have left to go!

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Larry C. said...

Awesome! Soon, he will be a full fledged sailor!