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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week One Done, Starting Week Two..

I finished week one of P90X yesterday. I am really enjoying it so much I find myself getting up earlier without the aid of my alarm clock as I am so anxious to start.

It's only been one week, but I've lost 2 lbs 2 oz! That is pretty encouraging.

I am looking forward to week two starting tomorrow, but have to admit to enjoying my "rest" day today!

So far I really only have positives to say about the program. The instructor like many can at times border on being annoying, but he is annoying in a likable way.

I really like the counter bar at the bottom of the screen during each workout. Not only does it count down the minutes until you are done with the whole workout, but it counts down each individual segment, and tells you what exercise is coming up next. I really think this is a great feature!

You will find the time flies by pretty fast on all of these workouts.

The instructors cues are very good and he shows modifications for most all of the exercises. There are usually two, if not three ways to do each exercise based on your level of ability.

I will post reviews of individual DVDs as time permits as well as weekly updates and monthly photos.

For anyone interested in P90X I highly recommend the Beach Body website and "club" as there are lots of great tools there such as workout sheets for the program, tools to help you find your target heart rate, body fat calculator and more!

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