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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We're NOT Giving Up!!

We have moved on to the next step in regards to getting my son into the Navy. After a call from HSLDA this morning we wrote a letter and got it sent off. We are hoping this will end the matter, but either way we are in this for the long haul. We are not giving up just because each hoop they are making us jump through gets more difficult.

This isn't only for my son, but for all the other homeschoolers out there who someday may come up against this as well. I already have heard stories from other homeschoolers who were rejected on the same grounds we were, but they just gave up. Maybe they weren't HSLDA members or just didn't know they had rights. But while I understand why one may find it easier to give up, in the long run I believe it does more harm than good, not only to themselves but for all homeschoolers who want to join the military.

I will update here each step of the way. Hopefully the next step will be going in and signing him up!

I humbly ask all homeschoolers not already HSLDA members to prayerfully consider becoming one, as doing so helps all homeschoolers. If you are already a member, take the time to read all the email updates and newsletters that get sent out as well as their magazine as they are full of helpful information, legal issues, updates and more. It is vitally important for all homeshcoolers to be educated on their rights, and the legal issues facing homeschoolers. The more informed you are the more armed you will be to handle issues if they arise, or to help and educate others.

It is a small amount(about $100.00 a year) to join, but is is well worth the peace of mind it brings, not to mention help only a phone call away if you find yourself needing it.

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