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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why I Wont Buy a Product Which I Love...(or...can I please speak to an AMERICAN??)

I really like Dell computers, all but one of my many computer purchases have been Dells. I feel they are a good product at a reasonable price, so why wont I buy another? Customer service or lack there of!!

My hard drive needs replaced, I paid for an extra extended warranty, so I am problem I will call and get that warranty honored.

So, I dial the 1-800 number, which seeing as we only have cells in our home, doesn't really make any difference. First a nice young man answers with a very strong Indian accent. I love India, the country, culture, people, especially the women's clothing, how I long to wear a fact you could say I am almost obsessed with India. Other than Haiti, India and China are the two places I long to be and they tug at my heart.

The only problem is it seemed that not only was he Indian, but I think the call was actually placed IN India as the connection was bad and I could barley hear the man, that combined with the thick accent, we could barely understand each other. I am explaining to him that I needed technical support, and from what little I could gather it seemed he was trying to sell me a printer. "No thank you Sir," I explain to him, "I just need technical support." So he transfers me, or so I thought.

Nope, not technical support. This time a Indian woman with an even stronger accent and a worse connection. I again explain my problem to her and rather than transfer my call as requested she attempts to sell me a software warranty package. Okay, now I am starting to get a little mad, but I try to not let it show, after all she is only doing her job right?

She goes on to explain the perks of this package, not only will it protect my software, BUT the nicest perk is my calls will go directly to the U.S. offices and I wont have to spend extra time or money on the out of U.S. calls. Okay, now I am fuming and not trying to hide it! First, I bought this product in the USA, I paid for it with US money, earned in the USA, why should I have to pay extra, per month, to have the privilege to speak directly with someone in the USA??

Apparently at this point she could tell I was mad and when I demanded I immediately be transferred to Technical Support, she said she was going to have her supervisor speak with me! What??? "No, I want Technical Support please!"

So, the supervisor gets on the phone and he was actually rather friendly and said he understood my frustration and rather quickly put me through to tech. support.

I wont go into details of that call, it was rather routine and rather useless and I ended up having to hang up and call back several hours later when his suggestions failed. When he gave me the number to call though I asked him, "Is this a direct line to Technical Support, or am I going to be calling India and having to be transferred 2-3 times, each time trying to be sold something I don't want or need?" His response? "Yeah."

So, when I call back, surprise, surprise, I am once again on the phone in India. This ladies accent was much less thick, and she was rather friendly, but what did she offer to sell me? For $6.00 or so bucks a month I could have my own "personal technician in Florida." First, I don't live in Florida, second I refuse to pay extra for something that I should already be getting!

Once transferred, I got the first truly helpful person of the day. A technician who knew his job and wasn't just reading out of a manual. He got my problem resolved and is shipping out the needed part.

I can understand it is cheaper to hire overseas help, but when dealing with customer service matters I really feel it is much more helpful to have someone who can easily be understood, and at the very least have a clear connection so both parties can be heard. I was so frustrated at this whole experience! The icing on the cake though was being bribed out of my money to be allowed the privilege to speak to an American!

With all the job shortages and unemployment problems, surely a big company like Dell could afford to hire some English speaking U.S. citizens. How many jobs could be filled if all companies did just that? How many happier customers would such companies have? I know I am one unhappy customer and wont be placing my regular Christmas order this year. I sure hope Dell considers changing it's practices as I do like my Dell products, but I refuse to pay extra money to speak with a customer service person who can speak English well enough to be understood, and I absolutely refuse to spend another four or so hours going through something like this again!


Red said...

The sad part is that they don't care enough. It comes down to dollars. And most folks will hang up and clal back, why? Because we just can't heave our computers out of the window. We bought Dells and when we did, we bought inot the whole, 'Support Calls' being outsourced to other places.

Not their fault. They are obviously willing to work for less than we are here in the U.S. But at what cost. You yourself said you won't buy anymore Dells. And yest I have heard form computer gekks everywhere, tht Dell is top of the line.

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