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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Billy's Boot Camp; Cardio Live!

With this week being a recovery week from P90X, I have a little extra energy to burn and gave Billy's Boot Camp; Cardio Live a try.

It is part of the Boot Camp series but can be purchased alone for under $6.00 at Amazon.

This is the only Tae Bo tape I've tried thus far that had absolutely no warm up what so ever. But at just 30 minutes long, there really wasn't much time or the workout would be too short to be effective.

The first half is a pretty good cardio routine, followed by the second half which uses the Billy Bands for some resistance training along with your cardio. This was actually a bit more challenging than I expected! In some of his other routines that involve the bands, I have found them to be a hindrance. I just am not coordinated enough to dance around and not trip on the bands! But this workout was fairly simple and the bands were a nice touch. Following the bands there was a very brief ab segment.

The cool down wasn't more than a couple of minutes.

Other than the lack of warm up and a proper cool down this DVD is pretty good for a quick total body workout. I wouldn't use it for my only workout on a regular basis, but for those days you are short on time and want to get in some cardio with a little resistance, this is perfect!

I plan on holding on to this one for such occasions!

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