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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Farewell, My Favorite Furry Friend...

This past Sunday goes down in history as one of my worse days ever. We were getting ready to leave for church, literally walking out the door, when I went to the couch to check on something and saw my favorite cat, often referred to as my best friend in the whole world, laying there quite comfortably. I hated to disturb his sleep, but I needed to check on something I thought was under him, and went to lift his tail, and thought it was odd his whole hind end followed. When I released his tail, I notice his whole body very stiffly just dropped. The thought that perhaps he was dead passed my mind briefly, but I thought I was just imagining things and went to pet him to assure myself all was well. I was horrified when I realized he was indeed dead.

How or why this happened, I will never know. He was a very healthy and young cat at only three years old. He had all of his shots and has never been sick a day in his life. Here is a picture taken of him just earlier this year.
I have taken this pretty hard. Some people think it's kind of silly I've reacted so strongly as "he's only a cat." True, he is not human, but he had characteristics that were more human and compassionate and easier to love than most humans.

I purchased him the week my mother died as I really thought it would be nice to have something to cuddle up with and soothe my broken heart. Because of this, I probably had an even stronger emotional attachment than most people do to their pets, as he signified so much more to me.

But, even without that extra factor, there was just something special about him. He was somewhat of a snob, and I admit not the most friendly creature in the world. He commanded a certain respect with his size, beauty and attitude. He wasn't a cuddly cat that would let just anybody pet him, you almost had to earn the right to do so. It never happened upon the first meeting. When finally he did allow you the privilege of petting him it made you feel quite special.

I've had many people tell me in the past, they just didn't like him because he was so unfriendly. But once they got to actually pet him that first time, they ALL fell in love with him. He made them feel quite special after all that hard work!

He was also the best Yoga partner I've ever had. Each morning he would sit nearby and patiently wait while I did my weight training or aerobics, careful not to disturb me. But the minute that yoga mat was rolled out he was right there! Not a morning passed that he did not join me for yoga. Sometimes that meant attacking my ponytail while I was in downward dog, and other times it meant actually doing downward dog next to me, but he was always faithfully there each and every morning. Have you ever had such a faithful workout buddy? Probably not.

As much a snob as he was, he knew how to be gentle when it came to the smaller children as shown in this picture.

He would never tolerate this from an adult or older child, yet he put up with it quite well from the toddler. As a matter of fact, I think he even liked it!

We would run to his rescue, just sure he was being tortured, as he sure made a lot of noise like he was, but once he was free, he'd lick his paw casually and lay down a foot or two away and let the baby climb on him all over again, and the process would repeat itself over and over.

He used to go outside with the toddler and just sit on the porch for hours while he played. When the toddler came in, so did Neko.

I miss him something awful and have a sick feeling in my stomach that hasn't gone away since I found him Sunday morning. Some people have tried to make light of it, even mock me. But then again, that's why I loved Neko so much, he lacked those qualities that clearly make the rest of us human; greed, mockery, anger, and so many other ugly, nasty things. He possessed what so few do today; unconditional love.

Goodbye my friend....

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