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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hurry up and Wait

I thought I should give a quick update for those that have been following our saga of my sons enlistment into the military.

We are a bit frustrated at this point as we are playing the "Hurry up and Wait" game that was joked about so much at MEPS.

After all we went through to get to even go to MEPS we certainly didn't mind the Hurry up and Wait routine one bit, we were just thrilled to finally be there.

See, anybody else would have gone, talked to a recruiter, got a MEPS appointment and finally swear in. No, not us. You all know the whole awful story I wont bore you with the details again. For those that don't know all the details, just click on "military" in my sidebar under labels and you can read all about it.

After all that trouble, and extra testing and requirements my son was finally scheduled to talk to the career counselor and swear in on August 4th. We should have been all done with the whole ordeal and ready to scream VICTORY !! But no, my dear son had to go and get himself a traffic ticket on the 2nd. We had hoped seeing as it hadn't even filed yet it would be no problem. But they asked him if he had anything come up since his background check and he admitted to this ticket. Well, everything came to a dead stop right then and there!

We were told my son couldn't even talk to the career counselor, but alone swear in until this was resolved. His court date isn't even until October!! We didn't stress too much, we just figured he'd plead guilty and pay online as soon as it posts to get it done and over with. We figured a week maybe two. Nope, not that easy. Nothing ever is for us!

We've been waiting, and waiting and waiting some more. We've called the courts and the Highway Patrol and one said it was the other who could help us and vise versa. So we continued waiting, sure it would post any day. My husband got a citation for a cracked windshield on my birthday several weeks back and it only took 3 days to post online. Here we are two weeks later and nothing.

Then it came in the mail, a letter from the Highway Patrol. Like fools we thought maybe just maybe it was a notice saying for whatever reason they weren't going to file the ticket. Wrong! It was a notice informing us there was some missing information on the original citation(missing court info)

So, here we are still waiting for the darn thing to post...

I am angry at my son for getting the ticket, he was speeding slightly, it's his fault, but come on! He just wants to swear in and serve his country, and now we are at the mercy of this officer to file the ticket and the court to post it.

After all we've gone through to get to where we are in this process this is more than frustrating!

I will post as soon as we get this cleared and he swears in. Hopefully that wont be too much longer. I am sure glad I haven't been holding my breath this whole time or I'd be blue in the face by now!

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