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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Nationwide Study Confirms Homeschool Academic Achievement

HSLDA just released THIS article showing the results of both public school and homeschool students average standardized test scores. I think the results are quite impressive, but not surprising.

I was interested to read the extra statistics on items such as parent/teacher education levels, money spent per student and other relevant information. Many homeschool parents worry that their own level of education or amount they are able to spend on curriculum will effect their child's education, not necessarily so according to this study.

Compare these results with the results of my local public school: HAMILTON where in many subject areas the students are not testing anywhere near 50th percentile(try the high 20's to 30's, YIKES!!)

And yet people still dare to ask why I homeschool????

Edited to add: after writing this, I went back to the GREAT SCHOOLS site and found the local high school's SCORES as well. YIKES and double YIKES!! While the 9th grade scores weren't impressive, they weren't too bad, but the higher the grade level, the lower those scores got! The Sciences seem to be where this schools strong suit is, the Math is just embarrassingly terrible!

To those that ask why I homeschool: Do you still really need to ask???

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