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Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Road Trip....To Haiti????

Not quite, but close. As I have shared many times on here, it is my biggest desire to go to Haiti. Compassion is planning an Advocates Tour in February of 2011. I have been planning on this trip for months since first seeing it mentioned in their magazine.

Out of the blue last week, my ten year old decides that God wants him to make this trip too! My first thought was no way. Haiti is not a place for the faint of heart. It certainly is not a vacation destination. Over the past several days he has managed to convince me that he really believes he too should make this trip. I told him he'd have to earn the money himself as it is not a cheap trip, and I am not even sure where I am getting the money for my portion.

He has eagerly taken on side jobs and is planning various sales and other fundraising opportunities. He has even started taking Haitian Creole language lessons with me. This is actually helping me, as we can practice conversing with each other! All this has shown me his sincerity.

While a trip to Haiti is certainly nothing to be envious of, I was concerned other members of the family would feel left out as they see Daniel and I talk about our plans, so we came up with a fun plan!

The money for our trip does not include the airfare from California to Florida where our flight to Haiti leaves from. So....ROAD TRIP!!

We are planning on taking three weeks and driving first to Arizona to visit some dear friends of ours, then Texas to visit family and hopefully visit the church of a favorite pastor/speaker of mine, then off to Florida to visit another friend or two and get a good nights rest before flying off to Haiti.

From there, my husband and other two boys can go to North Carolina to spend a week with their grandma and other family who have all moved out that way!

Of course all of this is contingent on Daniel and I raising the money we need for our trip, plus the extra for the road trip. To look at it all on paper it seems impossible in our current financial state, but we really believe if the Lord wills it He WILL help provide a way, and we are just having to trust in that, not to mention getting creative with raising the funds. Luckily we have time on our side as well.

So, to family and friends that will be learning about this from this post, yes it's true, this is the plan for now. Please pray we can work it all out as we get closer..Be prepared as we will be invading your homes soon!

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