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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


From Fox News:
"The Empire State Building is set to be illuminated in red and yellow lights to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the bloody communist takeover."
Read the full story HERE.
I don't even have any comments for this...only a question: Why? I think the number one reason on the Top 10 Reasons to Mark the Communist Takeover of China may explain it best. I am at a complete loss on this one!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Reason 1030

Here is yet another video being shown to children in California schools(I'm sure your state may be next) This or similar videos may be shown to children as young as kindergarten.

Once again, parents aren't being given the opportunity to have their children "opt out" of these classes.

Are parents really going to continue to let the state make choices for your children and let those choices over-ride your own? I sure hope not, but I fear they will. Perhaps twelve years of the government education they themselves received has convinced them they don't have the rights to make decisions for their own children??

LINK for those having trouble viewing.

P90X: 90 Days Later....

I finally finished my 90 days of P90X, and what was the first thing I did? EAT A SNICKERS BAR!!

I will post my 90 day photos later in the week when I have someone here to take them for me. I am not sure there is much difference from the 60 day photos I posted, but I've thought that each time until I see them myself.

I really enjoyed this program, and will continue to use it as part of my overall fitness routine. I still stand by my original statement that this is NOT for the couch potato! You really should be in decent shape before starting this or you could end up frustrated, giving up, or worse yet, seriously injuring yourself. Beachbody has programs they recommend to work your way up to P90x.

I also stand by my original comment that the DVD's in the P90X series are meant to be used together. With the exception of the Core Synergistics, none of the tapes in this series would make a good stand alone program. One day you are working your legs, one day your arms, another your chest and back, so they really do need to be used together to be a complete program.

The quantity and therefore variety of these tapes is part of what makes this program so enjoyable for me. I am one who gets bored within the first thirty days or so of a workout program, so the variety kept it interesting and fresh for me.

I really enjoyed the workouts, and recommend it to others looking to get into great shape. I didn't lose much weight(any to be honest) and only lost about an inch on my waist and hips, but my strength and level of fitness dramatically improved!

I think what I got out of the program was a new, healthier perspective on my body. I was hoping to lose lots of weight, and get back down to the size 2's or 4's I was wearing a year and a half ago. Well, that didn't happen, and I am glad! I am a healthy size 6 and totally ok with it! I enjoy being strong, and having muscle definition alot more than I enjoyed a smaller number on my pants! I've always realized(deep down inside) that I probably didn't look very healthy that small, but now I really see it and believe it.

While I didn't follow the food plan, I did gain a much healthier perspective on eating as well. I now eat to fuel my body, to help build muscle, not to starve myself for a smaller number on the scale. I truly eat to live now, not live to eat.

I am taking a week or two away from P90X to get in some Jillian Michael's workouts that I've missed and try out some of my new Tony Horton One on One's, plus some others I've been wanting to try and review. Then I will go back to P90X for round two. I am hoping to get a bit stronger and increase my pull ups and maintain and improve my results.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reason 1029

Or more appropriately titled: "More Hours Per Day to Worship The Messiah(Ooops I mean President)
I just read THIS report that President Obama want to increase school hours and days. Why would anybody want their children in school for more hours? Aren't they already there long enough? Many if not most schools are failing, does the President really think being there in a failing system for a longer period of time is going to increase learning?

Rather than increase hours how about a major curriculum overhaul? Instead of wasting precious time on teaching political correctness and tolerance, how about teaching good old Phonics? How about teaching proper English Grammar, than moving on to Latin and Greek? What about going back to math that actually taught children how to properly count change back(have you ever been in a store when the computerized cash register was down?) or how to measure their floors or the perimeter of their fences, instead of this "New Math" which doesn't seem to be increasing test scores or teaching common sense math. Perhaps the children could read autobiographies of the great leaders of our past rather than dumbed down text books that omit or twist important facts of our history?

No, I doubt these thing will happen. What will your children be doing in school for those extra three hours per day? Well here's a sample:

Here's the LINK for those that are having trouble viewing the video here. Even if you've seen this clip, it's worth watching again for Glenn Becks reaction.

I was going to leave this one alone, as my issue with this incident has less to do with the fact the song is about Obama, then the fact the parents were unaware of this and not given a choice of whether or not to have their children participate but alone to be videotaped. But like I've said before, once your child walks through those doors, you have little if any say in what happens in the hours they are there.

Of course I can't help but take some offense to the songs they chose to change the lyrics to. Or the fact that I am totally unaware of something like this taking place with any other president. I personally would have been equally offended if it were George Bush or even Ronald Reagan they were singing to/about.

Do I want my child in government school for more hours per day to learn more political correctness and sing praises to a person, when the God I worship isn't even allowed to be mentioned without major controversy, even in our pledge? No thank you!

What surprised me is how many parents of these children that were filmed were genuinely outraged, and understandably so, yet they are choosing to keep their kids in this school. I think I find that even more appalling then the song to Obama. If you're upset DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Take your kids out of school, homeschool them, put them in private school, run for the school board, call your school daily until changes are made, but don't just sit there and complain, even cry on Fox News yet leave your precious children there where you have no rights to knowledge of what even goes on there.

Do you really think this is the only incident this appalling that has taken place? Probably not, this is probably the first one that got "caught" and is getting this kind of attention.

Just one more reason, I am thankful for my RIGHT to keep my kids home with me and free of this sort of brainwashing, indoctrination, what ever you want to call it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

They Can Dish It Out, But.....

I am a little frustrated, as I normally keep my thoughts on public school vs. homeschool to myself unless asked, and even then I am usually very reserved in giving my true thoughts. I usually go out of my way to be very loving and supportive of all my friends and family when it comes to the decisions we as parents have to make for our families. I am only responsible, with my husband, for such decisions, for MY family, not anybody else's, so it's really not my place to pass any sort of judgements.

At times, this means literally biting my tongue, because as you know if you read here often enough, I DO have pretty strong opinions and thoughts on the matter. But, in everyday life, in person, I am rarely so bold in speaking my mind, VERY rarely!!

Well, that's all fine and dandy, but am I given that same courtesy? Not often! Far more often than I can even count "concerned" friends and family question our homeschooling. Some even go as far as inviting us into their homes, then quizzing my kids to be sure I'm doing a fine enough job I suppose. Now what if I were to turn the tables and quiz their children? Probably wouldn't go over so well would it?

We get all the concern over my middle sons socialization. I admit, this child is terribly shy. Painfully shy. I don't even try and deny it. It's so obvious, that there's not any way I could keep it a secret or anything. But, why does one assume that it is a result of homeschooling? I have four boys at home presently. Three are social butterflies, all have been homeschooled their whole lives. If homeschooling were the culprit of my middle child's shyness, wouldn't all of them be shy? Hmmm...I would think so, but apparently not all of my friends or family agree. Somehow they seem to think this is the fault of homeschooling, and public school would solve this problem. First off, I doubt it would cure his shyness, and secondly at what cost? This is a very bright child of above average intelligence. So, I put him in school and let's say he does overcome his shyness, but according to what I've seen come out of these schools his education would be highly lacking, not to mention as a quiet child he would likely be the target of bullies, and what about his morals, character and the biblical training we are trying to instill here at home? Give all that up in hopes that maybe just maybe he overcomes his shyness. I think not!

But, these caring friends think nothing of being so quick to blame my homeschooling for this personality flaw as they see it, but what if I dared mentioned that I thought their child's hyperactivity were a result of their schooling methods or choices? Or suggested that their bully of a child might be cured by the structure and nurturing homeschool provides? Again, it probably wouldn't go over so well.

Yet, I am to sit here and smile while my school choice and in a sense my family is attacked, yet if I dare turn the tables, I am the evil one?

On the rare occasion I have spoken up, usually after being repetitively attacked, the offender winds up in tears and says how they feel I am attacking them!

On many days, I feel like "no more Mister(or in this case Mrs.) Nice Guy." If you want to dish it out, then you better be able to take it! But the truth of the matter is I am nice, often too nice. That's just not my nature to intentionally offend anyone for any reason, even if I was first offended.

Most people by now know my thoughts on government education. Most also know that I will keep those thoughts to myself(with the exception of this blog) In most cases I know their thoughts on homeschooling. If you want me to be respectful of your choices and not make you feel like I am judging you or heaven forbid make you cry, shouldn't you at least do the same for me?

We are in our thirteenth year, this is more than a phase I will outgrow. If I haven't tired of it yet, chances are I'm not going to. As a matter of fact I am even MORE convicted, now than ever that homeschooling is the best choice for my family. So, your two cents worth aren't even going to be processed before it goes in one ear and out the other. Don't waste your time. But, if you insist, be prepared, as I will give you my two cents as well, then some!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Reason 1028


It's not so much the content of the classes that bother me, as it is the fact parents don't have a right to opt their children out.

It seems the minute your kids walk through those school doors, you lose all rights to them for the time they are there.

That is my issue with these sorts of classes, plain and simple.

As a homeschool support group leader, I have with the beginning of the new school year had numerous calls from parents wanting to know how to go about pulling their kids out of public school. One of the things I keep hearing over and over is how parents have been concerned over not having access to their children during school hours.

One parent went to school to bring a forgotten lunch and asked to see her child briefly and was denied! Another wanted to "peak in" on her first grader who was in public school for the first time and very upset. She too was denied!

So, lets see, we send our kids to school, we can't decide which classes we feel they should or should not participate in, we can't see our own children while they are on school property, their very lives are at risk on the school bus....and yet some still wonder why many parents opt for homeschooling or private education?

Wake up America! Your children are YOURS! They are not the states, yet every day we give more and more of our God given rights to our own kids away. If school violence, substandard education and all the other foolishness that goes along with public education doesn't scare you away, your rights to your own children should!

Reason 1027

School bus beating coverage by Fox

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To Those Who Still Ask Why....

Just one of the many reasons I homeschool my children.

3 of 4 Oklahoma Students Can't Name First President - US News Briefs Newser

3 of 4 Oklahoma Students Can't Name First President - US News Briefs Newser

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wise Words Then, and Now...

The other day American Vision had a video on Facebook that was a spin off from this one: (LINK for those having trouble viewing)

I can't believe the wisdom in this speech. It is just as relevant today as it was many years ago when this was first broadcast.

Here's the spin-off for those interested. Makes it seem all the more relevant: (LINK for those having trouble viewing)

Monday, September 7, 2009

We May Be Dumb, But That's Okay.....

We may be dumb, but that's okay cause we sure are tolerant! This seems to be America's new motto. There seems to be more effort put forth in publishing textbooks for students that teach about political correctness than in actually teaching the basics of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

Fox News recently did a special on TEXTBOOKS and it just made me that much more appreciative of the fact that I am able to educate my children at home. It is ridiculous the amount of censoring that goes on in the name of not offending certain groups and to make sure all ethnic groups, gender groups and others are properly represented.

I am all for teaching tolerance, but not in the name of dumbing down our children's education and the textbooks they are to receive that education from. When the facts of History are actually omitted in the name of tolerance there can be no other word for it than dumbing down.

So what if America is ranking near the bottom of the list in regards to test scores? So what if most high school graduates have to take remedial classes upon entering college? Who cares that many teens can't count change back if their computerized cash register is broke down(I can't tell you how often this has happened to me!) It's okay, because while we may not be the brightest, we are the most tolerant nation on earth right?

According to Fox's report and others like it, children in 2nd grade in a California school are required, to read And Tango Makes Three, which is a story about two male gay penguins who raise an egg together. Because of course we want to teach tolerance for the gay and lesbian population of our society, and we just can't trust parents to do that in their own homes. We also extend the same consideration to certain religious groups such as the followers of Islam, because we want to make sure they are not misrepresented. But do we extend the same consideration to followers of other religions? What about the Christian? Apparently not, as THIS story tells of a principal facing up to six months in prison for saying a prayer on school grounds. So, we are to tolerate the gays, the Muslims, and everybody else, yet a Christian faces prison time for praying?

I think far too much time is wasted overall with all of this political correctness in the classroom, but if we're going to go to these ridiculous extremes to teach tolerance of all religions and lifestyles in the classroom, shouldn't that really include ALL groups and not just a select few?

Many conservative parents are quite upset over the fact that President Obama will be addressing students tomorrow. I am not sure how I would feel if my children were in public school and required to participate in the lesson plans following the event, but luckily I don't have to worry myself about it as I will be sitting here at home, my children with me watching the speech together. I am just surprised that this event is causing such an uproar among Conservative families. Many are even considering keeping their children home that day, and yet, they send them there the rest of the year and turn a blind eye to what is taught(or not taught) in school the rest of the year.

The rest of the garbage that takes place in school during the course of a year, is far more alarming to me than the Presidents speech. The speech itself is sure to be pretty harmless I am sure, it is the lesson plans that will follow the rest of the week that revolve around that speech that would concern me.

I do hope that these concerned parents that are upset over this, use this to take their children out not only the day of the speech, but keep them home and don't send them back!

While I hope this is the case, I am pretty sure it wont be. Because all of these concerns I write about are happening in OTHER schools, not their child's schools. Their schools are different. Sigh...

Small Words, Heavy Truth

I found these quotes on a blog I frequent quite often and wanted to share them with you as they seem quite fitting for the times.....

Small Words, Heavy Truth

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Friday, September 4, 2009

60 Day P90X Photos

It's been about a week and a half past my 60 day mark with P90X. I do see some results, but not as I'd hoped at this point. To be honest though, I don't stick to the nutrition plan very well at all. First, I am mostly vegetarian(since starting the program I've started to include some poultry to my diet) so I have found the plan a bit hard to follow. Also, I still struggle with a cookie addiction, although I now I have cut down to about three at a time and only once every other week or so, instead of half a dozen nearly daily!

I am sure if I watched the diet better I'd have those results I am looking for, but at this point I just am not willing to give up some of those things I enjoy.

I have been sticking to the workout plan much better than at first. I was following it well to begin with, but was adding in much more cardio and yoga, but found with the extra cardio my body was just tiring out, so I don't add that in unless I feel I am needing it, which isn't more than once a week right now.

I still have three weeks to go, and will post final photos. I plan on continuing with P90X as part of my regular workout routine for maintenance, but will mix it up a bit and add in other things from time to time to keep it interesting. I like the strength I've gained and while it may not show yet, I do have a bit of muscle and toning going on under that flab, and I like how that feels. So, I can't say I am looking forward to it ending, but looking forward to making it part of my regular routine!


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60 Days

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