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Monday, September 28, 2009

P90X: 90 Days Later....

I finally finished my 90 days of P90X, and what was the first thing I did? EAT A SNICKERS BAR!!

I will post my 90 day photos later in the week when I have someone here to take them for me. I am not sure there is much difference from the 60 day photos I posted, but I've thought that each time until I see them myself.

I really enjoyed this program, and will continue to use it as part of my overall fitness routine. I still stand by my original statement that this is NOT for the couch potato! You really should be in decent shape before starting this or you could end up frustrated, giving up, or worse yet, seriously injuring yourself. Beachbody has programs they recommend to work your way up to P90x.

I also stand by my original comment that the DVD's in the P90X series are meant to be used together. With the exception of the Core Synergistics, none of the tapes in this series would make a good stand alone program. One day you are working your legs, one day your arms, another your chest and back, so they really do need to be used together to be a complete program.

The quantity and therefore variety of these tapes is part of what makes this program so enjoyable for me. I am one who gets bored within the first thirty days or so of a workout program, so the variety kept it interesting and fresh for me.

I really enjoyed the workouts, and recommend it to others looking to get into great shape. I didn't lose much weight(any to be honest) and only lost about an inch on my waist and hips, but my strength and level of fitness dramatically improved!

I think what I got out of the program was a new, healthier perspective on my body. I was hoping to lose lots of weight, and get back down to the size 2's or 4's I was wearing a year and a half ago. Well, that didn't happen, and I am glad! I am a healthy size 6 and totally ok with it! I enjoy being strong, and having muscle definition alot more than I enjoyed a smaller number on my pants! I've always realized(deep down inside) that I probably didn't look very healthy that small, but now I really see it and believe it.

While I didn't follow the food plan, I did gain a much healthier perspective on eating as well. I now eat to fuel my body, to help build muscle, not to starve myself for a smaller number on the scale. I truly eat to live now, not live to eat.

I am taking a week or two away from P90X to get in some Jillian Michael's workouts that I've missed and try out some of my new Tony Horton One on One's, plus some others I've been wanting to try and review. Then I will go back to P90X for round two. I am hoping to get a bit stronger and increase my pull ups and maintain and improve my results.

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