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Friday, September 18, 2009

Reason 1028


It's not so much the content of the classes that bother me, as it is the fact parents don't have a right to opt their children out.

It seems the minute your kids walk through those school doors, you lose all rights to them for the time they are there.

That is my issue with these sorts of classes, plain and simple.

As a homeschool support group leader, I have with the beginning of the new school year had numerous calls from parents wanting to know how to go about pulling their kids out of public school. One of the things I keep hearing over and over is how parents have been concerned over not having access to their children during school hours.

One parent went to school to bring a forgotten lunch and asked to see her child briefly and was denied! Another wanted to "peak in" on her first grader who was in public school for the first time and very upset. She too was denied!

So, lets see, we send our kids to school, we can't decide which classes we feel they should or should not participate in, we can't see our own children while they are on school property, their very lives are at risk on the school bus....and yet some still wonder why many parents opt for homeschooling or private education?

Wake up America! Your children are YOURS! They are not the states, yet every day we give more and more of our God given rights to our own kids away. If school violence, substandard education and all the other foolishness that goes along with public education doesn't scare you away, your rights to your own children should!

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