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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reason 1029

Or more appropriately titled: "More Hours Per Day to Worship The Messiah(Ooops I mean President)
I just read THIS report that President Obama want to increase school hours and days. Why would anybody want their children in school for more hours? Aren't they already there long enough? Many if not most schools are failing, does the President really think being there in a failing system for a longer period of time is going to increase learning?

Rather than increase hours how about a major curriculum overhaul? Instead of wasting precious time on teaching political correctness and tolerance, how about teaching good old Phonics? How about teaching proper English Grammar, than moving on to Latin and Greek? What about going back to math that actually taught children how to properly count change back(have you ever been in a store when the computerized cash register was down?) or how to measure their floors or the perimeter of their fences, instead of this "New Math" which doesn't seem to be increasing test scores or teaching common sense math. Perhaps the children could read autobiographies of the great leaders of our past rather than dumbed down text books that omit or twist important facts of our history?

No, I doubt these thing will happen. What will your children be doing in school for those extra three hours per day? Well here's a sample:

Here's the LINK for those that are having trouble viewing the video here. Even if you've seen this clip, it's worth watching again for Glenn Becks reaction.

I was going to leave this one alone, as my issue with this incident has less to do with the fact the song is about Obama, then the fact the parents were unaware of this and not given a choice of whether or not to have their children participate but alone to be videotaped. But like I've said before, once your child walks through those doors, you have little if any say in what happens in the hours they are there.

Of course I can't help but take some offense to the songs they chose to change the lyrics to. Or the fact that I am totally unaware of something like this taking place with any other president. I personally would have been equally offended if it were George Bush or even Ronald Reagan they were singing to/about.

Do I want my child in government school for more hours per day to learn more political correctness and sing praises to a person, when the God I worship isn't even allowed to be mentioned without major controversy, even in our pledge? No thank you!

What surprised me is how many parents of these children that were filmed were genuinely outraged, and understandably so, yet they are choosing to keep their kids in this school. I think I find that even more appalling then the song to Obama. If you're upset DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Take your kids out of school, homeschool them, put them in private school, run for the school board, call your school daily until changes are made, but don't just sit there and complain, even cry on Fox News yet leave your precious children there where you have no rights to knowledge of what even goes on there.

Do you really think this is the only incident this appalling that has taken place? Probably not, this is probably the first one that got "caught" and is getting this kind of attention.

Just one more reason, I am thankful for my RIGHT to keep my kids home with me and free of this sort of brainwashing, indoctrination, what ever you want to call it.

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