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Monday, September 28, 2009

Reason 1030

Here is yet another video being shown to children in California schools(I'm sure your state may be next) This or similar videos may be shown to children as young as kindergarten.

Once again, parents aren't being given the opportunity to have their children "opt out" of these classes.

Are parents really going to continue to let the state make choices for your children and let those choices over-ride your own? I sure hope not, but I fear they will. Perhaps twelve years of the government education they themselves received has convinced them they don't have the rights to make decisions for their own children??

LINK for those having trouble viewing.


Mrs. Curtis said...

That made me throw up a little!

I PRAY we can adopt before the kids hit school other wise we have to send them to public school!

Jen (jandjsoulmates) said...

The video has been removed, so I wasn't able to view it - but I can only imagine what it was talking about...

Tara B. said...

Jen, I found another clip and posted it here. Youtube keeps deleting them for some reason, so I don't know how long it will stay up this time...