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Monday, September 7, 2009

We May Be Dumb, But That's Okay.....

We may be dumb, but that's okay cause we sure are tolerant! This seems to be America's new motto. There seems to be more effort put forth in publishing textbooks for students that teach about political correctness than in actually teaching the basics of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

Fox News recently did a special on TEXTBOOKS and it just made me that much more appreciative of the fact that I am able to educate my children at home. It is ridiculous the amount of censoring that goes on in the name of not offending certain groups and to make sure all ethnic groups, gender groups and others are properly represented.

I am all for teaching tolerance, but not in the name of dumbing down our children's education and the textbooks they are to receive that education from. When the facts of History are actually omitted in the name of tolerance there can be no other word for it than dumbing down.

So what if America is ranking near the bottom of the list in regards to test scores? So what if most high school graduates have to take remedial classes upon entering college? Who cares that many teens can't count change back if their computerized cash register is broke down(I can't tell you how often this has happened to me!) It's okay, because while we may not be the brightest, we are the most tolerant nation on earth right?

According to Fox's report and others like it, children in 2nd grade in a California school are required, to read And Tango Makes Three, which is a story about two male gay penguins who raise an egg together. Because of course we want to teach tolerance for the gay and lesbian population of our society, and we just can't trust parents to do that in their own homes. We also extend the same consideration to certain religious groups such as the followers of Islam, because we want to make sure they are not misrepresented. But do we extend the same consideration to followers of other religions? What about the Christian? Apparently not, as THIS story tells of a principal facing up to six months in prison for saying a prayer on school grounds. So, we are to tolerate the gays, the Muslims, and everybody else, yet a Christian faces prison time for praying?

I think far too much time is wasted overall with all of this political correctness in the classroom, but if we're going to go to these ridiculous extremes to teach tolerance of all religions and lifestyles in the classroom, shouldn't that really include ALL groups and not just a select few?

Many conservative parents are quite upset over the fact that President Obama will be addressing students tomorrow. I am not sure how I would feel if my children were in public school and required to participate in the lesson plans following the event, but luckily I don't have to worry myself about it as I will be sitting here at home, my children with me watching the speech together. I am just surprised that this event is causing such an uproar among Conservative families. Many are even considering keeping their children home that day, and yet, they send them there the rest of the year and turn a blind eye to what is taught(or not taught) in school the rest of the year.

The rest of the garbage that takes place in school during the course of a year, is far more alarming to me than the Presidents speech. The speech itself is sure to be pretty harmless I am sure, it is the lesson plans that will follow the rest of the week that revolve around that speech that would concern me.

I do hope that these concerned parents that are upset over this, use this to take their children out not only the day of the speech, but keep them home and don't send them back!

While I hope this is the case, I am pretty sure it wont be. Because all of these concerns I write about are happening in OTHER schools, not their child's schools. Their schools are different. Sigh...

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