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Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting Ready!

We are still pretty new to this Halloween stuff as other than the first couple years of our marriage, we hadn't participated in Halloween until our grandson came to stay with us. It's amazing what you'll do for your grandkids, that you wont for your own kids!!

Last night they started carving their pumpkins. It is pretty cool though, as being only our third year of doing this, it is all new to even the older boys and I think they may enjoy it more than their peers close in age, just because it is fresh and new to them.

They had a good time(other than poor Austin who went to bed early) and the end results are quite spooky if I may say so!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

One on One

After having success with and enjoying the P90X program, I thought I'd give the new Volume 2 of Tony Horton's One on One collection a try. For those not familiar with Tony Horton or P90x, Tony is the instructor/teacher for the P90X series put out by link in my sidebar will take you to numerous posts on the P90X program.)

So far I have received three of the four released videos(a new one is released each month) and of those I've done two "Cardio Intervals" and "Patience Yoga." Each are approximately 40 minutes long.

Cardio Intervals
has lots of familiar moves from several of the P90X programs, some with a new twist. It is fast moving and lots of fun. These videos are a little different from the P90X program in that Tony is giving minimal instruction. It is really more like you are working out WITH him, following along. He seems alot less reserved and at times downright silly in this one. I really enjoy the cardio workout though and plan on adding it in regularly to my cardio routine.

I was a little worried about trying Patience Yoga for two reasons; one, I am NOT a fan of Tony's style of Yoga in the P90X program. As a matter of fact, I used other Yoga tapes while doing the P90X program. The second reason I was hesitant was Tony's silliness and lack of seriousness in other videos, including the beginning of this one! My husband was watching me workout and commented "I can tell already your not going to like this one" as Tony was just being far too silly, and as I've mentioned before I take my workouts very seriously, especially my Yoga which is my true love!

I am glad I stuck it out though! I actually really enjoyed this one! Tony got very serious after the very beginning and while most of the moves were very familiar to anyone with any Yoga background, there was one at the beginning( a sort of squat/chair pose) that felt very good in my hip area! It was pretty basic warrior poses, triangle, chair, and a few others, with each pose held longer than in most popular yoga programs. There weren't many poses as being a 40 minute program and holding each pose so long, there's only room for so much variety, but even so, the end result is a very good all over body stretch.

I will be adding this into my routine as well. In my opinion these videos are good to supplement the P90X routine once you've done your initial 90 days and are looking to maintain your results. I finished my 90 days and was planning on following P90X to the tee for another 90, but even with the great variety was starting to get bored. So, I still follow the weight training days as written, but the other three days I am adding in these tapes and others to add more variety and get in a little more cardio as I still would like to lean out just a bit more.

You can sign up at Beach Body to receive these videos each month(I believe they are just under 20 bucks before shipping) On some months you also get a freebie. This months freebie is a jump rope. A previous months I got a one DVD of another series that is soon to be released. Even if you don't do P90X, these are fun to have to add into what ever you are doing for greater variety, or with all combined could be a pretty good fitness routine in themselves!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well, We Showed Them!

Twenty years ago today, my husband and I married. Actually we eloped!

We were very young, and I think just about everybody we knew said they'd give us three months at the most!

Well, here we are twenty years later, still married!

It hasn't all been perfect. We've had a lot of things come up that would probably land others in divorce court. Not necessarily with each other, but circumstances. We've been through severe illness, extremely wayward children, one of whom is technically a step-child, several deaths in the family, extreme financial dilemmas, and most recently raising grandchildren!

So, why has our marriage lasted when others around us with less problems have fallen apart? I think a big part of it is our commitment to marriage and how seriously we take our vows. Of course we love each other, all couples do, but yet not all marriages last. It really is the commitment to the institution of marriage and our faith in God.

I am hoping this year we will actually get to go out alone together to celebrate. That is our plan, but of course that was our plan LAST YEAR as well, and well....that didn't workout did it?

To my husband, Happy Anniversary! And to all of those who thought it wouldn't last...HA!! We showed you!! Looking forward to twenty or more years!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Important Video Message

As a mom with a son waiting to leave for basic training and a career in the Navy, I can't agree with this message more!

LINK to video for those having trouble viewing here.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Need Any More Reasons?

I lost count of what reason I was on why I don't put my kids in public school. I was going to take a break from those types of posts for a while anyway, but I found one today, that I can't not do anything about.


Do take the time to read this one. Again, parental consent is not needed. This could be in your child's lesson plans or curriculum and you wont even be aware of it.

It is recommended that to make a point, California parents keep their children home that day, that week or even the whole year if possible. I couldn't agree more. If this offends you as much as it does me, and you can homeschool, I highly recommend you do. But lets be realistic, homeschooling is not an option for everyone. There are many single parent households with the only parent working. Not everyone has a church, friends or family that will support them while they stay home to educate their children instead of working.

Not only should these parents not be made to feel bad that they can't rescue their children from these schools, but there needs to be help for these children and their families.

Things like this get into the schools because the groups that support these causes are VERY active in getting their causes into the schools. If those who were opposed were as actively involved, perhaps these things wouldn't sneak into our schools, or at the very least a compromise could be met?

Evolution is the only theory taught in schools. I wouldn't have a problem with evolution being taught if my child were in school, but I WOULD have a problem if Creationism was left out. Present both, or present neither. But again, the evolutionists are much more active in fighting for their causes than are the creationists.

My point is while all of these activist groups are VERY, VERY active in getting their causes pushed through our schools, what I believe is the silent majority remain just that....silent. Sure, a few get vocal, but we need numbers!

If you have a child in school, and you are against things like this being taught without your knowledge or consent DO SOMETHING!! SAY SOMETHING!! DO NOT REMAIN SILENT!!

Even if you don't have a child in school, but you have a child you care about, get active and do something! If you are a person who cares about children or your causes, get active.

In this article was a link that is new to me, and I plan on spending some time on the site and checking it out. SAVE CALIFORNIA . COM

Things will only get worse until the rest of us do something. Quit complaining and get active!

Too Good To Be True?

I have shared here before my interest in the Duggars and Jon and Kate and their shows. I have also admitted to thinking the Duggars were just too far out of the norm(IE: too nice, too good to be true) and that I thought Jon and Kate with their yelling at each other and whiny kids were much more realistic.

Why is it so hard to believe that a family can actually have many kids, raise them wholesomely and the result be genuinely nice, good kids? Is it really that rare any more?

Watching the news, TV and Hollywood movies these days, one would have to think it is rare, even "weird" to be a modest, nice, well behaved family who loves and respects God and each other.

When teens can so callously light another child on fire for $40 bucks, a video game or bike or whatever it was, then reportedly LAUGH about it, it is clear we really do live in a sick, sad and pathetic world. This one hit too close to home for me, as my son was recently burned over most of his lower back(quite by accident, see sidebar for links to posts if interested) I know my son will carry the physical scars of this burn for the rest of his life. I know over a year later, we still make trips to the burn clinic/plastic surgeon. I can't imagine what this young boy is going through, not only physically, but he is also going to carry emotional scars knowing his own peers did this to him. Reports range from 60 % to 80% of his body being covered in 2nd and 3rd degree burns, so the physical scars are going to be alot to deal with too.

I've posted videos and links of other sick things youth do to each other these days, such as school bus beatings. We are all only too familiar with school shootings and other tragedy's.

So, I guess when things like this are becoming our "norm", a family like the Duggars sure do seem strange and too good to be true to say the least.

We are all only too quick to automatically assume the worse in each other as well. The recent Balloon Boy is only one such incident. Before this family even had time to breath a sigh of relief that their child was safe at home, unharmed, accusations of a hoax were already being reported. Now, I don't know whether this was a hoax or not. Nobody knows for sure except the family themselves. But, what if it's not?? How would you feel if this was your child, and you were accused of using your child as part of a hoax? I was on message boards that were assuming the worse of the father while the boy was still lost. Foul play, not an accident.

It only seems natural to think the worse of your fellow man in the world we live in today, but does that make it right?

Why do we enjoy watching dysfunctional families falling apart more than we do a nice family, just being nice to each other and those around them? And why can't we just be relieved there are still a handful of genuinely good people out in the world instead of thinking they can't possibly be that nice or that they are turning their children into robots, forcing them to dress alike, etc...(accusations I have heard many times.) Maybe some kids today are happy to dress decently and talk English instead of the ghetto talk I often hear. Maybe some kids actually respect their parents and others in authority.

I feel bad, that I too at first thought the Duggars and others like them were weird. When we have kids who light each other on fire, beat each other on buses, can't speak in coherent sentences, are more educated in the latest hand gestures and video games than they are in common sense, good manners, and the other things that turn children into young adults and good citizens, I say we need more "weird" families like the Duggars.

I've heard people complain about the number of children they have. The parents love each other, their children and are responsibly raising them. They are all well loved and well cared for. They all seem very well educated(at home I may add!) and able to be financially independent upon leaving home, going into business for themselves(if they all follow in the oldest sons footsteps who recently married and left home) Children like these are who I hope will be our future leaders. We need more like them! Let them have as many blessings as God wants to bestow upon them with I say!

Without families like them, who do we have left to be our future leaders and decision makers? People like the ones who we often see making headlines for heinous crimes against each other? Those who are more interested in the latest fashion and music trends than raising families and being good citizens?

Too good to be true? It may seem that way in today's world, but it doesn't have to be that way. Families like the Duggars USED to be the norm, and the criminals and hoodlums were the "weird" ones. I'd like to go back to that time, but we can't. But we can make changes in our own families and attitudes to bring back a new "norm." We can start by just eating dinner together as families again, talking about things going on around us and admiring those who dare to be different by trying to be good and noble and not making heroes and idols out of those who belong in reform school and not the covers of our magazines or gracing our TVs and film screens.

Too good to be true? I sure hope not, as it is families like this one that give me hope for a brighter and better tomorrow.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dangerous Criminals Lurking in our Public Schools!

Beware parents, dangerous, armed criminals are lurking in our public elementary schools!

LINK for those who are having trouble viewing.

This is just insane. I am supportive of the zero tolerance part of this and could even possibly understand if they sent the student home that day, perhaps even a suspension to make a point, although I think even that would have been extreme. But reform school for an overly excited six year old for bringing his cub scout camping eating utensil?

This child didn't threaten anyone, wasn't showing it off, he was just planning on eating his lunch with it.

With all the problems in public school these days, THIS is what they choose to stand so firm on?

At the end of the clip it says for now he is being homeschooled. I hope those parents choose to NOT send their child back to this insanity and just keep him home, where he belongs!

Just Having a Little Fun

Saw this last night and thought it was funny. No disrespect intended to the president, just having a little fun!
Here is the LINK for those who can't view it here.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

But Will They Revolt?

I came across yet another alarming video today:

HERE is a link for those having trouble viewing here(hint: These all work with Firefox browser)

Now, I doubt this will really happen, I am hoping it is hype, but the fact that it is even being thought of and actually being attempted to pass is unbelievable!

At the very end of the video, it is said "people will revolt" I wonder though, will they? I would hope so, but I really doubt it to be honest. Too many people for far too long now have blindly and willingly given away so many freedoms and rights, that I am not convinced many know their rights anymore.

Sure, this may not be constitutional, but how many people these days know that? Not many people have even read the constitution. The constitution and constitutional law certainly aren't being taught in many, if any public schools these days.

It seems to me that the schools are too busy teaching about political correctness, toleration, and sex- ed, to be doing much teaching in the three R's, and sadly History is at the bottom of the list of priorities.

Many great men fought and died for the freedoms we once had(yes, I meant to say "once had" as I don't believe we fully have all those freedoms anymore) and sadly, people today are just handing them over carelessly.

If the schools aren't teaching these things, and parents are too busy to teach them how will the next generation even know when their freedoms and rights are being threatened?