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Monday, October 12, 2009

Dangerous Criminals Lurking in our Public Schools!

Beware parents, dangerous, armed criminals are lurking in our public elementary schools!

LINK for those who are having trouble viewing.

This is just insane. I am supportive of the zero tolerance part of this and could even possibly understand if they sent the student home that day, perhaps even a suspension to make a point, although I think even that would have been extreme. But reform school for an overly excited six year old for bringing his cub scout camping eating utensil?

This child didn't threaten anyone, wasn't showing it off, he was just planning on eating his lunch with it.

With all the problems in public school these days, THIS is what they choose to stand so firm on?

At the end of the clip it says for now he is being homeschooled. I hope those parents choose to NOT send their child back to this insanity and just keep him home, where he belongs!

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