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Thursday, October 29, 2009

One on One

After having success with and enjoying the P90X program, I thought I'd give the new Volume 2 of Tony Horton's One on One collection a try. For those not familiar with Tony Horton or P90x, Tony is the instructor/teacher for the P90X series put out by link in my sidebar will take you to numerous posts on the P90X program.)

So far I have received three of the four released videos(a new one is released each month) and of those I've done two "Cardio Intervals" and "Patience Yoga." Each are approximately 40 minutes long.

Cardio Intervals
has lots of familiar moves from several of the P90X programs, some with a new twist. It is fast moving and lots of fun. These videos are a little different from the P90X program in that Tony is giving minimal instruction. It is really more like you are working out WITH him, following along. He seems alot less reserved and at times downright silly in this one. I really enjoy the cardio workout though and plan on adding it in regularly to my cardio routine.

I was a little worried about trying Patience Yoga for two reasons; one, I am NOT a fan of Tony's style of Yoga in the P90X program. As a matter of fact, I used other Yoga tapes while doing the P90X program. The second reason I was hesitant was Tony's silliness and lack of seriousness in other videos, including the beginning of this one! My husband was watching me workout and commented "I can tell already your not going to like this one" as Tony was just being far too silly, and as I've mentioned before I take my workouts very seriously, especially my Yoga which is my true love!

I am glad I stuck it out though! I actually really enjoyed this one! Tony got very serious after the very beginning and while most of the moves were very familiar to anyone with any Yoga background, there was one at the beginning( a sort of squat/chair pose) that felt very good in my hip area! It was pretty basic warrior poses, triangle, chair, and a few others, with each pose held longer than in most popular yoga programs. There weren't many poses as being a 40 minute program and holding each pose so long, there's only room for so much variety, but even so, the end result is a very good all over body stretch.

I will be adding this into my routine as well. In my opinion these videos are good to supplement the P90X routine once you've done your initial 90 days and are looking to maintain your results. I finished my 90 days and was planning on following P90X to the tee for another 90, but even with the great variety was starting to get bored. So, I still follow the weight training days as written, but the other three days I am adding in these tapes and others to add more variety and get in a little more cardio as I still would like to lean out just a bit more.

You can sign up at Beach Body to receive these videos each month(I believe they are just under 20 bucks before shipping) On some months you also get a freebie. This months freebie is a jump rope. A previous months I got a one DVD of another series that is soon to be released. Even if you don't do P90X, these are fun to have to add into what ever you are doing for greater variety, or with all combined could be a pretty good fitness routine in themselves!

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