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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well, We Showed Them!

Twenty years ago today, my husband and I married. Actually we eloped!

We were very young, and I think just about everybody we knew said they'd give us three months at the most!

Well, here we are twenty years later, still married!

It hasn't all been perfect. We've had a lot of things come up that would probably land others in divorce court. Not necessarily with each other, but circumstances. We've been through severe illness, extremely wayward children, one of whom is technically a step-child, several deaths in the family, extreme financial dilemmas, and most recently raising grandchildren!

So, why has our marriage lasted when others around us with less problems have fallen apart? I think a big part of it is our commitment to marriage and how seriously we take our vows. Of course we love each other, all couples do, but yet not all marriages last. It really is the commitment to the institution of marriage and our faith in God.

I am hoping this year we will actually get to go out alone together to celebrate. That is our plan, but of course that was our plan LAST YEAR as well, and well....that didn't workout did it?

To my husband, Happy Anniversary! And to all of those who thought it wouldn't last...HA!! We showed you!! Looking forward to twenty or more years!

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Luke said...

Happy Anniversary!