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Friday, November 6, 2009

Appropriate?? I think NOT!!

As most everyone must be aware by now, yesterday a horrific act of violence took place at Fort Hood. I know many of us watched the news as this event was unfolding with a wild array of feelings taking place; anger, fear, sadness, disbelief and more. There just aren't words to describe what was going through the minds of most Americans. To think that this could happen not only on American soil, but at a military base is just too much to believe.

As the events were unfolding, I know I was waiting anxiously for the presidents reaction.

This is NOT what I expected from our President: LINK for those who can't view here.

How long after thanking everyone in the room and making shout outs did it take this man, our president to even acknowledge the tragedy that took place? Two, three minutes?

How do you suppose the families of the victims felt waiting for reassurance from their president only to hear three or so minutes of this completely inappropriate nonsense?? I for one am appalled and terribly offended and outraged to say the least.

What Americans needed was reassurance, maybe even to see that he was as upset as we all were, some genuine concern perhaps, but this????

If anyone had any doubts about this mans priorities, this should help clear things up. His priorities clearly are NOT the brave men and women who are fighting for our freedoms, and in many cases laying down their lives for those freedoms, even here on our own soil.

Any shred of respect I had left for this man, went out the window yesterday. Not much he could do at this point could earn it back or make up to all of America his lack of sensitivity, but I would like to at least see him try. Maybe acknowledge he made a mistake, an apology, something???

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