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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Clara's Kitchen

I fell in love with Clara awhile back via Youtube. She is the unlikely star of a series of Great Depression Cooking videos. I have tried a few of her recipes from those Youtube videos and enjoyed them. When I found out she had a cookbook coming out, I signed up for a pre-order. I wanted to be among the first to get a copy!

It arrived on my anniversary, what a great surprise! I immediately opened it anxious to scan the recipes, and was pleased to find lots of tales of Clara's growing up during the Great Depression. These stories alone make the price of the book well worth it! Even without the recipes this book would be a great read. To be honest I think I enjoy this glimpse into the past even more than the recipes.

Listening to Clara tell her stories really gives you a different perspective on life today. People back then were content with what they had. They made their things last rather than throw them out like we do today. Even pet raising was far different than today. Back then, pets were loved and enjoyed, but they were fed table scraps not gourmet food like today. Now, I am one all for taking the best physical care of our pets as we can, but really...when you think about it, we do go overboard these days. Pets today have their own wardrobes and stores dedicated to just them. I know for me personally, when we started watching our budget and were eating rice and beans, I was still feeding my pets that gourmet food and realized something was out of balance!! Seriously! My dogs were eating better than we were! My beloved pets still eat well, but we now buy our food at Walmart, not the pet store.

Luckily, while the stories are great, this book IS a cook book and includes several recipes! I plan on trying several this week. Many if not most include pasta, which is fine by me! Even better, the majority are vegetarian friendly! While I do occasionally consume some poultry, I prefer vegetarian dishes and this little book is full of those! Meat lovers rest assured, there are still plenty of recipes with meat to keep you satisfied.

I HIGHLY recommend this book for both the recipes and mostly the stories. Clara makes me miss my own Grandmother even more than I already do. Those of you who still have your grandmothers around would be wise to sit and let her spin you a story or two. You just might learn something. If like me, you no longer have your grandmother with you, buy this book, it's the next best thing!

To learn more about Clara, check out her website and blog HERE. You can also purchase the book through AMAZON.

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Anonymous said...

Because of you, I think,I watched her. She is a breath of fresh air and more seniors should act like her.