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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Five Days of Heaven

Last Sunday my granddaughter arrived from out of state with the foster family who cares for her. They stayed for Thanksgiving, and left Friday afternoon. It was five of the best days I've had in a long time!

Those of you readers who aren't family are just going to have to deal with a few indulgent posts full of pictures as it was a busy week with FOUR birthdays celebrated, two families who were virtually strangers aside from emails getting to know each other, and a brother and sister bonding for the first time.

I have to say here that I just can't believe this even happened, but am So glad it did! I surely had alot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. This whole event is an example of foster parenting done right and shows how families can work together in the best interest of the child rather than fighting over each's own selfish desires.

This family drove from out of state with their own child and our grandchild, just so we can visit and my grandchildren can get to know each other, which is going to be very important no matter what happens down the road with this case.

It has been my prayer and desire that my daughter do what she needs to in order to regain custody, but if that is not able to happen, I have to say after this visit and getting to know the family who has been raising my grandchild, I am 100 % comfortable and in favor of them adopting. My selfish side wants her all to myself, but my practical side, and the side that unselfishly loves her, knows she is happy where she is at and very well loved and to remove her from that would not be in her best interest.

When I first found out my grandchild would be placed in a foster home rather than coming here right away upon being removed from my daughters care I was pretty outraged to say the least, and a bit terrified afraid of the unknown. I really hope and pray that all foster parents caring for children that aren't their own, whether just temporarily or in hopes of adopting are as great as these parents have been. I highly doubt it, but with all the children in desperate need of care I sure hope so. I also hope that more families interested in adoption consider adopting from the foster care system here in America. I know it is easier(and LOTS more expensive!) to adopt out of country, but there are so many needy children here in the U.S. and through the foster care system it is very low cost(like free other than initial expenses for licensing with some agencies) and there are babies available as well as older waiting children.

Okay, LOTS of posts with pictures to follow!

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