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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Happenings

We had a great time with the kids and friends yesterday for Halloween. We had a Monkey;

An Angel with the Flaming Sword(you know, the one who guarded the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve were given the boot)

And a very frightening Vampire;

The foster mom sent a picture of our granddaughter all dressed up as well;

We went to a nearby little mountain village for some trick or treating with three other families. We love going there as the whole town goes all out for the children with games, costume parade and the best trick or treating for miles around.

All the merchants get dressed up and hand out candy(and lots of it!) I think people must come from all around for the event as there were crowds that resembled those at a place like Disneyland! Not only were the children dressed up in costume, but adults and even dogs!

Austin was quite quick to catch on to the whole "trick or treat" deal. At first he wouldn't say it, until he realized it resulted in his favorite thing: CANDY. After that he was acting like a pro and only too anxious to say those magical words!

Afterwards we all came back for pumpkin cake and coffee and a nice visit while the kids traded candy and rough housed with all of that sugar rush energy they had acquired throughout the evening.

While I hate the cold weather this season brings, I do look forward to the holidays this year, guaranteed to be fun with Austin now that he is much more aware of it all. Toddlers make everything more fun!

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