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Friday, December 4, 2009

Attention Husbands!

Last year this cute video made it's rounds on Face Book and other social networks, but I think the message is so important it bears repeating:

Myself, I don't care for jewelry, and my husband can probably get away with giving me exercise equipment or a gym membership, but really husbands, most women WILL put you in the dog house at the very least. Housekeeping equipment also is up there on the do NOT list. Also, if you opt to buy clothes and don't know her size, do NOT go bigger to be safe, you will be lucky if you get sent to the dog house rather than murdered on site!

While you silly men may like tools and such for gifts, we wives don't!

Of course, if you have a wife like me that begs for more exercise videos/equipment I do know where to hook you up.

Jewelry is good, a months worth(or better a year!) of maid service, gift certificates for the spa are all great ideas. But please, no vacuums, blenders, or thigh masters. No matter how well intentioned, it will not be well received!

Happy Shopping Men!

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