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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Friend Like No Other

My usual response to losing a pet or animal I care deeply for is to never get another, and sometimes I have gone as far as getting rid of all the others of that species that I have. I have done that with my horses after I lost a rescue I had brought back from the brink of death, only to have to put her down anyway due to other health concerns. I did the same when I put down my best milking goat. The pain is just too much to bear, and I swear I will never go through that again.

Something was different after losing Sequoia. Yes, I had the usual thought of "never again," but less than 24 hours later I was searching the Internet for Australian Shepherd breeders and rescues. We did find another puppy to help ease the pain of losing such a loyal and brave friend, but I will share about that later.

Let me tell you about Sequoia. We all love our dogs. They quickly become as significant as any of our human family members. Sequoia was no exception, but he was even more special than most.

I have never had a dog so loyal to me personally as Sequoia. That dog would rarely leave my side, given a choice. Not only that but he was unusually protective of me. This is a good thing, but at times it was more of a nuisance, as he wouldn't allow hardly ANYTHING within three feet of me! Animals or humans. Including my other family pets.

One night in particular, he proved just how far he was willing to go to protect me. Thanks to a wayward family member who returned home with an escaped fugitive convict boyfriend, we had the SWAT team arrive at our house unannounced one evening about 9:00PM.(another story for another time perhaps!)

So, as we all exit the house, with our hands up, Sequoia sees an officer coming towards me with a gun pointed. Well, not on Sequoia's watch! He lunged at the officer before I had a chance to call him off. Another officer shot him with a pepper ball gun and down he went. I didn't know it was pepper balls and freaked out seeing my beloved dog fall to the ground and went to him. Well, that only brought the first officer closer to me with the gun now right on me! Sequoia, most likely blinded to some degree got up and went at her again! I was able to call him off, and while the night had more interesting events, that is Sequoia's story of the drama of the evening.

This dog was willing to take a bullet for me, and did! He didn't know it was pepper balls, all he knew is I appeared to be in danger, and he was willing to lay down his life for mine! I was already in love with the animal, but that night he gained my full respect and earned a spot in my bed on those nights my husband was out of town on business.

While that was his most heroic act, he always behaved like a hero. I felt totally safe with him here, and never was concerned about my safety as long as I knew Sequoia was nearby.

He was a friend, a companion, and my greatest protector. Sequoia could never be replaced in my heart or otherwise. But, I must move on, and where we live a few good dogs is a must! So, while I did purchase another dog, and have dried most of my tears, Sequoia will always live in my heart, and never be forgotten.

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