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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Interval X Plus

This morning I got to try my first workout in the P90X + series. This DVD had two workouts on it; Interval X Plus and Abs/Core Plus.

It started with the interval workout and it was an awesome workout! I think this will quickly become a favorite of mine(it already is after just 1 go at it)

Interval training is a little different than regular cardio or aerobics. It is a series of moves that get your heart rate elevated(quite high at times) then slows down and then up again. I have quickly become a fan of interval training as it is the exercise that most closely resembles for me the way I feel when taking martial arts classes. The ONLY time I've never had to worry about watching my weight(other than keeping enough on!) was while taking martial arts classes. At about an hour each, they kind of resemble intervals in the sense that when drilling your heart rate goes up extremely high, then slows down while you wait your turn again, and same sort of thing when sparring. I think that is what sped up my metabolism so high I actually had to intentionally eat lots extra just to keep from losing too much weight.

That up and down of the heart rate is really what I feel was the secret to all of the incredible physical results I had while training. I have searched high and low trying something to mimic that first starting with Tae Bo and other kick boxing style workouts, but those while the movements were similar, were a constant movement with no change in heart rate. The closet I found was the Jillian Michaels "Banish Fat Boost Metabolism" DVD. Well, this is that taken up about three notches!!!

I was sweating heavy and breathing like I ran several miles at full speed within the first few moves! Lots of new moves I haven't seen in P90X or Tony Hortons One on One series. I was also please to see push ups included in the rotation to help maintain and improve upper body strength. There were also some familiar moves like skaters and some kicks.

I see why this is P90X PLUS and only recommended for P90X grads as I think this one would have killed me pre-P90X. I felt great and energized for hours afterwards!

On the same DVD is the Abs/Core Plus. This is all new ab moves! I really like the variety in this one. Abs were worked from my favorite ab position; plank

as well as hanging, standing and more.

I am not sure this is as intense as Ab Ripper from the original P90X, it certainly didn't feel as hard, although it was a lot more fun and interesting. We'll have to see how my abs feel in the morning! This ab workout is also a bit longer than Ab Ripper, I think just over 20 minutes. But both workouts were done in just about an hour making it alot more reasonable time wise than the original P90X workouts.

Overall so far, I am quite pleased with the workouts and look forward to the next one tomorrow. My only complaint was the music. I normally don't even notice with the exception of some yoga workouts the music on most workouts, but this was almost like elevator music and it was a rather intense workout(Intervals, didn't notice on the abs) So for those of you who do normally notice such things, this may drive you up the wall! Other than that though I give at least this particular DVD high ratings.

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