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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kenpo Cardio Plus

So far this is my least favorite of the P90X PLUS series. It is still an effective cardio workout, a much better one than the Kenpo X from the original series for that matter, but something seemed lacking, though I can't quite put my finger on it.

The original Kenpo X more closely resembled martial arts drills like you would see in a martial arts class. My complaint with that DVD is that it was supposed to be a cardio workout and it hardly got my heart rate increased even slightly. My complaint here is the opposite, the cardio aspect was on key, it got my heart rate up, but the drills were rushed and sloppy with little rhyme or reason.

On the plus, this workout is much quicker than the original at only 40 minutes rather than 60. As mentioned prior, the cardio IS much more effective. It's a good workout for what it is and as part of the P90X series it is a nice part of it to give you something different after your weight training days. If you are looking for a kick boxing workout or martial arts training, look elsewhere, but as part of the P90X series, it works for what it is.

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