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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kung Fu Kickboxing

In my search for something to take the place of Kenpo in my P90X routine I ordered The Kung Fu Kickboxing Workout
from Netflix to try out before deciding to commit to buying it sight unseen. As mentioned in another post, I like the Kenpo X as far as the drills go, but I feel it isn't enough cardio, and the Kenpo Cardio Plus, has enough cardio, but the drills are lacking, that combined with the fact that I quickly become bored and like to mix things up a bit, leaves me on the search of some good martial artsy type workouts.

This one is pretty good over all. It is a brother and sister team, both who are kickboxing champions. The sister gives most of the instruction with the brother demonstrating the moves. I have to say the instruction on this workout is by far the best I've seen in any workout. She gives clear instructions, and lots of reminders throughout. She is no-nonsense and straight to the point, yet encouraging. She constantly encourages you to keep trying.

She has a few good lines in here too that I still find myself giggling over. During one exercise she notes that you may feel yourself jiggling, but that's okay, but then is quick to add "The more you jiggle, the more you need this workout!" Another good one is "The burn is your friend" Not sure the most beginner exercisers may agree, but it IS true!!

This tape has three workouts included, each lasting 20 minutes. The first one is called The Basic and is just that, basic. Even so, by the last few moves I was sweating! This would be a fine beginner workout for just about anybody. It is short, quick, and covers most all body parts with a variety of floor work, punches, kicks and more. Again, the instruction is superb, making this truly great for even the most beginners of beginners, although the work might be a little of a challenge, but it's not too much so.

The next workout is The Kicker and is a little more advanced, and alot more fun! This really does cover it all, you have balancing exercises, strength building moves(such as push ups) and lots of cardio with your kicks and punches. This one moved a little faster, but with the superb instruction, it was fairly easy to quickly catch on, and the reminders were very helpful.

The last workout was The Killer and like the other two, also twenty minutes long. This one was more like plyometrics or intense cardio intervals. It was a lot of fun, but I have to be honest here and say that I really struggled with the combos in this one. They moved on a little faster than in the other two, and I had a hard time keeping up and catching on to the moves. I think with practice, I will be fine and really enjoy this one, but this morning I just ended up frustrated and feeling a bit clumsy!

Each workout is complete in itself, making it a good, quick routine for those days you are short on time or while you work on advancing to the next level. As far as doing this on a regular basis, I think to get the full cardio benefit and really feel worked out, I would recommend doing at least two if not all three of these each time based on your current level of fitness. A true beginner of course would want to stay with just the first one until ready to move on, but someone already in decent shape would do well to do workout one and two, and someone in even better shape could do all three or workouts two and three.

I hope this pair is planning on doing more tapes in the future as I will be anxious to see more by them. As I said, I REALLY like the female in this one. She's not all chatty and cutesy like many try to be(that's just annoying!) and she doesn't put on a fake tough girl act either(that is equally annoying after a while) she just is what she is, and it works!

Everything about this worked, the music was appropriate for the workout, the set was clean(a small boxing ring) the instructors were dressed in kickboxing attire causing no distraction(you know, no guys in speedos or gals with their chest falling out!) While this still isn't exactly what I am looking for in regards to replacing the Kenpo, I think I will be adding this to my collection for those times I am needing more cardio, and do look forward to anything else this pair may do in the future!

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