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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Last Chance Workout

I just love Netflix as not only is it an easy and affordable way to rent your favorite movies, but for an exercise junkie such as myself, it is an affordable way to get to "try before I buy" workouts that look interesting that I am just not sure I want to dish out money for yet.

In my opinion, this is one of the better of the Biggest Loser series of workouts. So far the only other one I actually thought was worth the money or even doing for that matter was the Boot Camp one with Bob.

This still is nowhere near as good as Jillian's 30 Day Shred, Banish Fat, or No More Trouble Zones, but it is a good solid workout none the less.
The workout itself was fast paced and was a full body workout. There are three separate workouts that can be done together or separately or combined in any way you like. I chose to do all three. The first workout is a cardio interval circuit involving some weights. Typical of Jillian's style you are constantly working more than one body part at a time, meaning if you are doing weighted bicep curls, you are squatting or lunging as well. I really like this kind of workout. This part also included lots of push-ups, jumping jacks and other basic but fast paced and effective moves.

The next two workouts are toning workouts, both using weights, one for legs, one for upper body. These are short at only ten minutes each but effective and a nice add-on to the cardio intervals.

The workout itself is pretty solid and can be used effectively by both beginners and intermediates both making modifications as needed. Jillian has a few exercisers showing the beginner modifications. Based on the workout itself I would give this fairly high ratings, but I do have a few complaints which lowers that rating.

There are SEVERAL former Biggest Loser contestants on the set exercising. I know many people will enjoy this part because there are males and females, heaver and thinner shaped peoples, some who are fit and can do all the moves and some who are struggling. Everyone should be able to find someone they can identify with, and that in itself is a good thing, but presents a few problems. One, for me who is a very visual person, I found it made the set look very cluttered and distracting.

Second, while some may find it encouraging to have such a variety of people, many were doing the moves wrong. One person was doing regular bicep curls when Jillian had called for hammer curls. If you were watching that person, you'd be doing the wrong move!

Thirdly, just about EVERYONE was doing most moves VERY sloppily. Kick boxing style punches even with out kicking, just standing punches can be a VERY effective exercise, if done properly with intention. These people were just flinging their fists around waving their arms around sloppily. If you were to follow their example, again, you wouldn't be doing it correctly.

To me, these faults are very big deals. Those familiar with these moves from other programs should have no problem seeing the errors and doing them correctly, but for a true beginner, I think this could be a big problem!

Still, I would recommend this video over most other Biggest Loser workouts keeping these things in mind. For those looking for a very good workout and like Jillian, I would recommend her videos over this though. They are a little tougher and there are no Biggest Loser Contestants, but they are cleaner, done correctly and will deliver results!

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