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Friday, December 18, 2009

Next Stop: Boot Camp!!

After nearly six months of a gnarly rollercoaster ride waiting for this day, it finally came yesterday and we couldn't be more happy or proud. My son took his initial oath to swear into the U.S. Navy.

He will be leaving in the beginning of March for boot camp, followed by his A school, then most likely off to yet another boot camp with the U.S. Marines as he got his job of choice as an HM(hospital medic/corpsman) and has stated that right now his thought is to volunteer to work as a combat medic with the Marines. As a mother I couldn't be more proud, yet extremely worried over his choice.

It seemed like this day would never come, but now that it is here, words can't even begin to describe the different emotions I have over the whole thing, but mostly just proud.

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