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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

P90X +

After waiting for what seems like forever I finally bit the bullet and bought P90X +. It is made to be the follow up to P90X. It can either help you maintain your results from P90X or add variety into your P90X routine and help you achieve even greater results.

There are five brand new workouts and a little booklet that gives you several different options on how to incorporate P90X + into your routine.

The five new workouts are:

Interval X Plus
Kenpo Cardio Plus
Upper Plus
Total Body Plus
Abs/Core Plus

I will be trying each one this week and will review here. My elbow is still very sore, so I will have to modify moves that will aggravate it, but I think I should be able to do most of the workouts with little or no problems.

This morning I tried Interval X Plus and Ab/Core Plus and will review in a new post. I will say from what I've done so far I am impressed and these clearly are for P90X graduates only. Unless you are in incredible shape I would not attempt these prior to completing P90X. I was in fairly good shape prior to P90X and got through the program fairly easy while still feeling a bit of a challenge, but I honestly feel the workout I did today would have KILLED me pre-P90X. Check back for detailed reviews of each DVD!

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