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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Puppy That Almost Didn't Have a Name

After the shock of losing Sequoia, we did something we've never done upon losing a pet....we went and got a puppy! I have to admit, while it seemed kind of soon, it has changed the whole atmosphere of the house from sad and gloomy to full of laughs and smiles.

Yes, it still hurts when we pause and think of our loss, but with the puppy those pauses seem less frequent than what they were those first couple of days. We only had one problem...what to name him! Everyone had their own thoughts and ideas ranging from Einstein to Jackson, King and several in between.

Austin kept calling him "baby" but if this pup grows to be as big as Sequoia(86lbs!) Baby just doesn't seem a suitable name either. Finally it just came to us "Bailey." It's perfect, as it fits his sweet personality, and is close enough to "Baby" in sound that it wont be quite so confusing to the pup or Austin.

I don't know if this puppy will grow up to be as loyal or protective as Sequoia, those are some pretty big paws to walk in. I do know that he has already found a special place in our hearts, and has helped us move on through the grieving process with a lot less pain than it would be otherwise. I am sure he will soon be an important member of our family with his own special place in our hearts. I also know that thanks to him Christmas will be a lot merrier!

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