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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

REAL Women Age...Gracefully and Naturally!!

I have to admit since turning 40 this year I have been having a hard time accepting the fact that I AM getting older, I AM getting gray hair, and even a few wrinkles. I probably over do it a bit on the exercise trying to stay in great shape. But can one really blame me? As I watch movies and TV shows with some of my favorite actresses, many of whom I know are much older than me, they never seem to age! Many look not only as good at 50 as they did at 20, but some look even better!

Why is it that as they age, they don't seem to be prone to the wrinkles and gray hairs that I do? How is it with their busy schedules they manage to stay in better shape than most 20 year olds? It is very hard to feel good about one's self when I seem to steadily be showing the signs of age, while these actresses seem to be aging in reverse!

Then, the other night I was doing something I rarely do; watching a LIFETIME TV movie. One of my favorite actresses was in it! This woman has been my own personal ideal of what I aspire to be physically; strong, muscular, yet feminine in her own way. And of course she played in one of my all time favorite movie series; Terminator.

Yes, Linda Hamilton...who couldn't help but be impressed with her physique in Terminator 2?

So I am waiting for this LIFETIME movie to start and was SHOCKED at first when Linda appeared. She is just a tad over 50 now and unlike other stars of the day, she looks every year of it! At first I was upset; How could she let herself go like this?

Then I started thinking...wait, she actually looks like a woman her age! What a relief! She is older than me, and looks it! She doesn't look at 50 like many women stars do, young enough to date my teen son! I actually find it quite refreshing and somewhat reassuring. I must admit it is weird these days to turn on the TV and see these stars never aging.

I remember watching the great stars of the past like Catherine Hepburn actually age. Old enough to be my grandmother, as she aged she looked like, well, my grandmother! There was something comforting in that. Now these days, these stars just never age and it is somewhat strange on one hand and frustrating on the other. Without plastic surgery there is no way I can keep up trying to age along with my favorites, as I am surpassing them in the aging process even though I am years younger than many! How weird for my kids to see their mother aging faster at 40 than Madonna who has got to be over 50 by now!

I find it refreshing when stars like Linda Hamilton allow themselves to age naturally. I think it is much healthier not only for themselves, but those watching them. It reminds us that aging is just part of the natural process of life. We can do all we can naturally such as exercising, eating well and maybe a box of Clairol Nice n Easy, but that eventually we do all age, and there is nothing wrong with it at all.

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